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    Hello all.
    My 9 year old son started trumpet lessons at Easter with a borrowed trumpet. As he is still keen, we would like to buy him one of his own. Our budget is tight, so were thinking a good second hand one would be better than a new 'cheapie'. What would people recommend please, as ebay is awash! Names which have popped up are:- Odyssey, Artemis, Roy benson, Yamaha, Paolo Mark & B&H. I have no idea what to go for as I haven't played trumpet since I was his age. Thanks in advance.:)
  2. Check out John Packer Ltd on
    There are some great Yamaha second hand buys. Probably the best is the YTR4335.
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    Yamaha - go for the highest YTR number you can find/afford
    1335 - beginner model
    2335 - slightly better beginner model
    4335 - GO FOR THIS IF YOU CAN - awesome instruments

    Unlike many "student" instruments, the Yamahas I have come across seem to be built with students in mind - they can take the knocks and spares are very easy to get hold of.

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