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  1. grantyg

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    Hi All is now online and nearly complete. A free resource for beginners with play along backing tracks and video tips.
    The ensemble book is currently 1/3rd off until Christmas - that's 17 arrangements for complete beginners to grade 3 standard players! All for a bargain £10.

    Players of any level can request help or a Skype lesson from one if the highly experienced team.
    our specialists consist of trumpet/cornet, trombone, euphonium, tuba and French horn.

    Grant Golding
    Jupiter Endorsed Artist
  2. brassbabe

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    Hi, I've just had a look at this and can't wait to show my son tonight, he's 5 and started to learn to play tenor horn earlier this year. I have no idea if this is one of many of this sort of website, I've been out of playing myself for about 10 years and am discovering that I've missed a lot! Anyway, will certainly be using this with him and think he'll enjoy the simple first lessons with the backing :)
  3. grantyg

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    Hi Brass Babe - Yep resources are thin on the ground due to work load and cost etc - I used to have and after 15million hits and six years I decided a complete overhaul and building up a team of tutors sees the new site.
    The tenor horn clips are coming soon and we also offer skype lessons.
    The main thing is finding something the wee guy enjoys and gets him moving quickly!
    Please keep checking back to the site as we are adding masterclass clips all of the time!