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  1. euphsrock

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    To all instrumental music teachers, I would really appreciate it if you could take time to answer six simple questions on Beginner Music Books for me. (Please share with any other teachers you know)

    Hoping to find out what is the most important thing for children learning today.

  2. Accidental

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    Done. It would be interesting to ask teachers why they choose to use/not use certain books too...

    particular books.....
  3. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    d'oh, got interrupted, sorry!

    particular books may work better for group lessons vs. 1:1 for example, and I find a lot of "beginner" books are aimed at quite young kids and older children and adult learners can find the style and language in some of them pretty patronising and off-putting
  4. euphsrock

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    Thank you.
    And a good point.
    I find the Alan Pring book is better for older pupils/adults for that reason and group lessons are often difficult.

    I was thinking of younger students when making the survey but didn't actually specify that.

    Some interesting responses already!

  5. euphsrock

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    Interesting. The most popluar music books so far cost an average of £9 yet the majority (approx. 70%) of teachers have said they would only expect parents to pay an average of about £6.00!
  6. owain_s

    owain_s Member

    What are you getting reported as the most popular books?
  7. euphsrock

    euphsrock Member

    Currently Team Brass/Woodwind is in the lead.
    Another surprise as I don't use that one regularly. (even though it is what I started on!)

    Followed closely by Abracadabra.

    Also, Cello Time/Fiddle Time is used by 100% of string teachers so far who have done the survey.
  8. euph77

    euph77 Member

    Team Brass is what I used to use, but I prefer Trumpet Basics (John Miller) now, as it is used in AB grade exams (1 to 3).
  9. owain_s

    owain_s Member

    I'm hoping that Viola Time features in there somewhere, too! :)
  10. Aussie Tuba

    Aussie Tuba Member

    done. Glad you had A tune A Day listed. It's all I have ever used for starters

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