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    Does anybody know of any publishers who sell music specifically for Beginner Brass Bands (grades 0-1 or 2)?

    I'm looking to increase our repertoire library as it is quite small at the moment and am really struggling to find much. I've done a quick search on TMP for threads about beginner band music and cannot seem to find much except the thread from pdfBrass where we already have their music.

    I am aware of Mostyn Music as I have purchased from them in past - items include the Jock McKenzie collections and the simple tunes, etc, but think it is time we played something new?
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    Have a look at

    All of the Junior band music was arranged for my beginner band at school for about this grade range. Examples are on the site.

    Good hunting!
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    Mode for... have their Mode for....Band! series and we are just creating a new selection of music exactly for this standard of players.
    If you would like more information please contact us at

    Best wishes
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    I started out on the Jock McKenzie books. I think that's how it was spelt. Some good classics pieces in there that the players will never forget. No clue where they were found though.
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    We have the Jock McKenzie books and think they're great, but there only so many times you can play Gentle River :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: !!!
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    it was all about Gospel Rock and Ground Bass when i was playing them. absolutely wonderful. haha
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  12. Mode For....

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    Mode for....Four or More!

    The latest series of 20 pieces of music for beginner brass groups entitled Mode for....Four or More! is being released this week.:clap:

    Mode for....Four or More! Is music for beginner brass group, playable by groups of four or more players!
    With four parts provided in a variety of pitches plus an optional play-along part for the teacher or ‘stars’ in your brass group, Mode for’s selection of music in the Mode for....Four or More! range is a refreshing addition to world’s beginner brass music repertoire.
    All the pieces are designed for players of Level 1 standard (beginner) and work independently as great training and concert items. The music also complements Mode for’s own teaching method, Mode for....Brass! Book 1, in which extracts of the Mode for....Four or More! range are used to develop and progress brass players, with technique, theoretical and musical advice.
    This music is a perfect resource for all brass trainers, including community band leaders, brass teachers and wider opportunities teachers.
    Each piece is priced at £10 and supplied on CD-Rom with music available to print out when required.
    Bulk purchase discounts apply so why not buy any 10 pieces for £67 or all 20 pieces for £115.
    Purchase via the website at or contact us at or on +1422 200003.
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    In both junior band and junior quartet parts (if you haven't got the players) and two pieces are free from the so you can try out first.

    Found that Concert Overture is enjoyed and seven year old cornet players love trying to play really crisp bottom C quavers - really! They made it into a contest as to who was the best! lol!
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    Oh, and if you purchase, the score comes with a permission to copy for that band only stamp - a blessing when kids like playing hopscotch with music
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    Our training band has had a lot of success with all the Gary Young stuff. all good arrangements of familiar and fun tunes, and pretty much all of them playing by a group of beginners. I think we've used them all now!!:tup
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    Also as The Wherryman said: the "little shiny brass" arrangements are great. A bargain. A little harder than the Gary Young stuff, but playable with a bit of work, and these are good fun for bands to play.
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    I have some for my training band, they are brill!!!
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    Have used some good Stuart Johnson stuff in the past, also 'Internediate Band Book', 'Second Intermediate Band Book' etc - not sure of publisher sorry but a good variety of styles for use with quite flexible instrumentation.
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    Free sample - Mode for....Four or More!

    For your free sample of music from Mode for's brand new Mode for....Four or More! range please e-mail us at
    The free sample is an arrangement of Carnival of Venice for beginner brass group, based on a four part format with parts in various pitches, plus parts for glockenspiel and drums and an optional part for the teacher or 'stars' in your band.
    Perfect for learner band, quartet, teaching and Wider Opportunities classes.
    E-mail us now or log on to for more information.
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    Trainer Band Music

    PM me to find out more about the arrangements and new pieces I've done for Wantage Trainer Band. For instance, there's some rocky stuff, some jazzy stuff, some folk tunes and a solo item that uses two drum kits...