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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MyNameIsNotSam, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. MyNameIsNotSam

    MyNameIsNotSam New Member

    My teenage son practices every night for at least an hour 1/2. He's been practicing in our living room, because his bedroom is crowded and small (however, he could prob lose some things...) and we live in small single-story house.

    My question: How can we design his bedroom to be more practice- friendly? Do you have sound proof tiles in your practice space?

    All suggestions/ pictures welcome!

    Thank you!!
  2. 2nd tenor

    2nd tenor Well-Known Member

    The simplest answer is to buy him a practice mute (they are similar but different from standard mutes). Ear plugs for the rest of the family is another answer, pragmatic but maybe not popular.

    If you live in an attached property then talk nicely to the neighbours and try to find practice times when they are out / will not be too disturbed.


    #As well as considering the neighbours perhaps you could also agree practice times with your son that will be tolerable to the rest of your own household.
    #Structure his practice space in any suitable room that's further away from the rest of the household and have him practice with the bell pointing away from where the rest of the household will be (for say an hour practice space can be in any room and does not have to be where his instrument and music is stored).
    #After a couple of years he'll become so good that you'll be pleased to listen to the music...... or just used to the noise.
    #There is a site called the Trombone Forum, I recall reading about practice space solutions there.
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  3. simonbassbone

    simonbassbone Member

    Obviously practicing the trombone is the most important thing.

    Could you put a telly in his room so the rest of the family don't get in his way?

    Or go and stand outside in the street.
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  4. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    Playing into a practice mute can help you in terms of decreasing noise, but it is not the same as playing without it, and I don't think it is likely to be a strong component of any solution here - the feel is quite different, and spending all his practice time with one in may do funny things to his playing - it changes the resistance at the lips appreciably.

    Is there another local building that he could use? Bandhall (or maybe a church hall?) around the corner that you could get a key for to let him into? Do you maybe have a garden big enough to build a soundproofed shed in? I've seen that done to good effect.
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  5. Euphonium Lite

    Euphonium Lite Active Member

    Dereham, Norfolk
    I'd also praise your son for WANTING to practice especially in teenage years. That's gotta be encouraged....

    However I do appreciate its difficult - I have the same sort of thing in that my kids are usually in bed at the times I could do some practice. So I usually end up having a blow at times when I'm not quite as "up for it".

    In terms of bedroom space, as long as he has room to extend his slide to the end, and look at his music stand as well, that's likely to be all he really needs. And then its getting buy in from the neighbours and the rest of the family to make allowances for when he practices
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  6. Ianroberts

    Ianroberts Well-Known Member

    Going by
    a; the trombone players I know
    b; The teenagers I know

    The mandatory pair of boxing gloves ! ;););)
  7. MyNameIsNotSam

    MyNameIsNotSam New Member

    We love hearing him play! But my daughter also needs to practice and my husband and I would like to have a conversation *inside* the house!
  8. MyNameIsNotSam

    MyNameIsNotSam New Member

    The practice shed is great idea! Thank you!
  9. MyNameIsNotSam

    MyNameIsNotSam New Member

    He *wants* to practice, so we are not discouraging that aspect of it at all... The teen part of the equation is a different thread!
  10. MyNameIsNotSam

    MyNameIsNotSam New Member

    We already field phone calls from the garage....
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  11. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    How great he wants to practice and how great he has supportive parents who are looking for solutions. Well done to all of you!

    I'd echo the practice shed idea if you can, my daughter used to practice in the garage if I was trying to work in the house
  12. Mujician

    Mujician Member

    I wouldn't suggest a practice mute, as these aren't really made for practicing with for long periods of time. They are, as far as I'm concerned, an aid to building lungs. If played into for longer than 10 minutes could have adverse effects. My suggestion would be to get the children to stagger their practice. So they aren't playing at the same time where possible. Come up with a practice timetable.
  13. Jack E

    Jack E Well-Known Member

    Some helpful advice on this thread; thanks to all who posted it. I was seriously considering shelling out for a practise mute, or for the Yamaha Silent Brass system, but it appears that my dosh would be better spent on building a small soundproof booth for me to sit inside. Having done a rough costing, it would be a great deal cheaper, too.
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