Bedford Town Band visit to Malta - August 2005

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    Bedford Town Band visit to Malta - August 2005

    The Bedford Town Band has recently been touring the Mediterranean island of Malta between the 11th and 17th August 2005. During this tour the band performed a total of 5 concerts. The band has also been the guest of the Society of Saint Mary and King George V Band Club of Mqabba-Malta, for the occasion of the traditional annual village festa of Santa Marija, celebrated between the 9th and 15th of August. The list of concerts held in Malta by this Brass Band was; Marsaskala (11th), Zebbug & Marsalforn-Gozo (12th) and Mqabba (13th, 14th, 15th). For each concert there was a very good audience and the band received a 'Well Done' on every occasion. The most important concert was held on the 14th August in Mqabba. The great performance of that day will be remembered for sure !! Present for this concert also was the Deputy/Acting British High Commissioner in Malta. The Bedford Town Band had also some official meetings with the Town Councils of Marsaskala, Zebbug-Gozo, and Mqabba. On each occasion a message from the Bedford Town Mayor was read and presented to the Maltese Town Council.

    In the name of the Society of Saint Mary and King George V Band Club of Mqabba-Malta, I wish to thank first of all Mrs. Sue Blunt, Band Secretary, who worked hard so that this event could gain this success. We would like to thank also Mro. Chris North, Band Director, and his Maltese Wife Mary. Thanks also Mr. Tony Wiles, Band Manager, and all the band members who played in Malta. Thanks to all these people, this year's festa was a special one. Hope that in the future there will be more UK Bands who will be interested to visit Malta during our village festa. We promise to help and make your trip in Malta a memorable one, an experience not to forget.

    For more information and photos, please visit: (On this site at the moments you can see pohotos about our village festa. Shortly there will be articles and more photos about the visit of the Bedford Town Band in Malta)

    Alfred Galea
    International Relations
    Society of Saint Mary & King George V Band Club
    Mqabba, Malta

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