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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by KenH, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. KenH

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    Bedale Brass band is an unregistered, family band in North Yorkshire.
    We are currently looking for players of all abilities to work with us and prepare
    for a new season of fetes, shows & garden parties.

    If you are in the area, drop in for a 'blow'.

    Details on our Web Site -
  2. musicmaker

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    Come join our band

    Further to Kens ad, Bedale Band this year had the good fortune to appoint Mr Damian Dunphy as its new MD. Damian is a professional musician from the local area and brings years of experience within Brass to the band. Damian is an outstanding trombonist playing with many bands in the area and having 18 years within the professional circuit behind him.
    Damian took the baton earlier this year from Charlie who recovered the band from a rocky end to 2008. Damian is moving the band upwards again with his own style of drive and motivation, new music style and concerts have never been better with Damian’s unique type of jokes!!!! (Peter Kay look out!!!)
    For Damian to be able to push forward in to 2010 he needs some corner seats filling but all new members (even past members) would be made welcome.

    Back row Cornet
    Solo Horn
    Solo Euph
    P/Tuba (bass)

    As Ken says the band is an “unregistered, family band” But that shouldn’t stop us aiming high.

    Come and Join “BEDALE”

    The Band Also has a Training band, this is where players of all ages come to start to learn Brass, and anyone interested in “Having a go” is welcome. If you are interested in running this group we would also be interested in hearing from you. We have one music teacher showing interest but we would like to build a team to steer these young musicians in the right direction.

    For contacts please see Details on our Web Site -
    Many Thanks for looking. J
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  3. KenH

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    Many thanks to all who have replied to my advert, and taken an interest in our web site.
    We still have some spaces left, so drop me a mail for further details.
    Wishing you all a Merry, Musical Christmas.........
  4. musicmaker

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    Hi Can the Bass player that left a msg on Kens phone please ring again as your number was with held and you didnt leave a name.


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