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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by musicmaker, Sep 5, 2007.

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    BEDALE BRASS BAND is a town band in the beautiful town of Bedale at the foot of the Dales. We have over the past months lost some players; some have moved away, some have moved on to different things.

    The band has space for solo cornets, solo Euph and basses; any other players will be welcome to this friendly band. Like all bands in the country we have had our ups and downs but the members we have now are friendly and all want the best for the band.

    Also on the 22nd Sept the band are having an open day aimed at people who would like to learn a brass instrument, we have a professional musician leading this day and other band members will be there. Also if you would like to get involved in encouraging and teaching new players please get in touch.

    Please make any contacts via the bands web site:clap:

    Or the band chair on
    e-mail :-
    Tel :- 01609 774691
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    Recently left Bedale due to wife's work forcing a relocation 'up north'.
    Very disappointed to have had to leave.

    Can confidently say they are now the frendliest bunch of people I have ever played with ;) and would recommend popping along for a blow regardless of standard.
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    As an occasional visitor to Wensleydale, (not nearly frequent enough, but coming up next week!) I pass through Bedale on the way, so was interested to see your posting, but can I suggest you post your regular practice DAYS on your web site - couldn't find it any where, just times!

    Good luck with finding some players, we all know that particular problem :-(
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    The Training band meets on a wed night from 630 this is open to all ages to come and have a go at playing a brass instrument.

    The main band meet on wed from 730 - 930 the band is getting better since we got our new MD Steve is a military musician of 20+ years and is bringing the band.

    Please feel free to come and have a blow with us anytime.