Becontree Brass, Eastbourne, 23rd June 2007

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  1. PeterBale

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    Contrary to reports in this week's BB, Becontree's performance on the bandstand at Eastbourne is at 3pm, not 8pm :eek:

    (confirmed with Eastbourne Council's website just in case we had it wrong!)
  2. Bungle

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    I was depping on Eastbourne bandstand yesterday and your band is down for 23rd of June not September.
  3. PeterBale

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    Well spotted - it's September when we're in St James's Park :eek: :oops:
  4. kjm

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    I can confirm it is 3pm.

    Anyone who has done this event before. Is a compere normally expected or is it just straight through the programme without comment. I've asked the council but had nothing back.

  5. Leyfy

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    Of course, the correct date was on the bands wonderful website ;)
  6. MRSH

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    Did this job on Saturday. A PA system is provided and it is pretty decent. I think the audience quite like to be spoken to with announcements and a bit of information about the pieces. (Plus the odd joke or two :oops: ).

    I don't think it is a 'contractual' requirement although the band might appreciate a bit of a rest between the pieces.

  7. Bungle

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    Sussex by the Sea

    As the afternoon stint is a one and a half hour job with no interval, a bit of a break between pieces is appreciated by the players. You are expected to play the National Anthem at the end and if possible, some time in the program, the march 'Sussex by the Sea' (yes honestly, I have depped for five different bands on Eastbourne bandstand and Brighton was the only band so far that haven't). There is a changing room. Hope you get good weather and if I've got time, I'll pop down to listen.

    Bungle, the Eastbourne Bandstand rent a Bass
  8. PeterBale

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    The provisional programme is as follows:

    1. Mack and Mabel -- Jerry Herman arr Keith Wilkinson
    2. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square -- Maschwitz and Sherwin arr Alan Fernie
    3. New York New York -- John Kander and Fred Ebb arr William Rumford
    4. Ground Force -- Jim Parker
    5. Oklahoma - Rodgers & Hammerstein arr Dennis Wright
    6. March from the Great Escape - Elmer Bernstein arr Martin Ellerby
    7. Memory - Andrew Lloyd Webber arr Goff Richards
    8. Breezin' Down Broadway! -- Various arr Goff Richards
    9. The Vicar of Dibley -- Howard Doodall arr Bram Wiggins
    10. Pirates of the Caribbean -- Klaus Badelt arr Bruce Fraser
    11. Keep Smiling Through (Medley) -- Various arr Darrol Barry
    12. Soul Bossa Nova -- Quincy Jones arr Andrew Duncan
    13. The Sound of Music Selection -- Rodgers and Hammerstein arr Denis Wright
    14. The National Anthem - Traditional
  9. kjm

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    Becontree need to fill two posistions this Saturday 23rd June at Eastbourne Bandstand 3.00pm - 4.30pm.

    Bass Trom

    If you can help with either of these, please can you PM as soon as possible.