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    hey all, i hope this is in the right place,i played on Sunday at L&SC with Beocntree brass band and i would like to recomend this experience to anyone looking to play with a band in the London/Essex Area,they were a friendly and professional outfit to work with. Although i was slightly younger than the majority of the band i was made to feel welcome and appreciated by everyone inculding all the band locals and MD Graham Sheldon.I felt the group put on a good performance on Sunday and were unfairly judged on a slightly ropey introduction which i felt then developed into a good all round performance. I have worked with a large number of well known brass bandsmen including Jonathon Corry and Leslie Neish and i am currently studying for a music degree so i have some grasp of what good music is, and i can safely say this was good music.

    Unfortunately i will be unable to join the band full time as i live on the opposite side of London but i would happily help them again and would recomend anyone looking for a change of band to strongly conisder Becontree
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    I can certainly vouch for how friendly and knowledgeable they are. I was honoured to be asked to dep for them as conductor a few years back for a SCABA contest. (In the days when Bill Rumford was their regular MD). Always had a good laugh with them, and I feel I benefited as a conductor from my time with them as they were already a fine band then. Even though at the time they were in the third section, I said to their former bass trombonist Mike Darriba that there was a first section band in the making. He was a bit reluctant to agree with my assessment at the time but they're there now!

    I have many fond memories of bands I played/conducted with in London and the SE, and certainly Becontree hold a special place in those memories.
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    It was a pleasure to have you- lots of people including 'Garry' Sheldon commented on what a good player you are, and how we'd love to have you full time! Sorry the journey back home wasnt as 'celebratory' as we'd anticipated though!

    Hopefully you'll come along and see us again, you know where we are! And we're hoping you can play for us down at Crawley in May. :clap:

    In the meantime, anyone that is interested in Simon's vacant chair should click on the link below!:
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    The only thing I remember Mike for being reluctant about, was paying his subs on time!! ;)