Becontree Brass Band and The Royal Wedding; St James's Park 29/04/11

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    We had a very early start yesterday morning travelling to St James's Park, arriving for a 7am sound check, only to find that "The Hoosiers" and "Chas" of Chas & Dave were in front of us :cool: With the sound check completed at 7.40am, the Chris Evans Breakfast show on Radio 2 started at 8am, with an estimated audience of 8 million listeners, plus the 200 odd brave souls around the bandstand, and the thousands lining the mall.

    We played a rousing, cut down, Dambusters March in the first half hour of the show, and instead of a recording of How do you like your eggs in the Morning, we played it at 9.03. Having sat around for almost an hour and a half our final piece for the broadcast was part of the last page of A London Celebration, where Chris Evans described us as the "Led Zeppelin of the Royal Wedding" :biggrin: All this went down very well.

    If you would like to catch our performance it is on the BBC iPlayer now and should be available for a few more days :tup

    Timings are
    19 minutes
    1 hr 3 mins
    2 hrs 24 mins

    Once the broadcast finished, we had 3 1/2 hours to wait until we played our main concert of the day. This started at 2pm, and I believe we set the world record for the most number of plays in one concert of Pomp and Circumstance No 1, The Dambusters and Jerusalem. This was intermingled with some of the more common brass band repertoire, which went down very well, but did not get the same level of cheers, whoops, screams and whistles of the previously mentioned pieces.

    There were some fine solo performances from some of our Principal players
    The Summer Knows (Trombone solo) played by our Solo Horn Trevor Foster
    Rule Britannia played by our Solo Euphonium Alan Flower
    Autumn Leaves played by our Solo Trombone David Murray

    As is customary our last piece was the National Anthem which went down really well with the thousands of people still in attendance at St James's Park. All standing, flag waving and singing their hearts out. However, the crowd still wanted more so we gave a quick encore of Soul Bossa Nova, which ended the concert on a high note. (Sop Top D to be precise!!!!!!)

    At 5.05pm having been in the Park for 10 hours + we started the process of packing away, and at about 5.30 we all started making our ways home. Although we have all ended up extremely tired, we all enjoyed every aspect of the day, and look forward to Prince Harry getting hitched ;)

    I have attached a photo courtesy of the BBC, that was taken with Chris Evans, and most of the band in view.

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  3. Laserbeam bass

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    Hunble apologies to the band chairman :oops:

    There was also a flwaless solo by Alex Campbell playing the Flugel Horn solo Misty

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    And now my spelling has gone to pot D'oh
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    Following Lasers account, it was a fantastic experience for the band and a once in a lifetime engagement.A few public thanks are due, principly to Andy Ferry our trombone team member extraodinaire who had the onerous task of dealing with the Royal Parks, the BBC and Poilce in the huge security that surrounded this event (as you can imagine!!) superb job Andy!!, to Helen Sheehan for getting our band equipment and instruments to St. James Park (Thursday evening), and drive back to Bishops Stortford, only to pick it up on Saturday when the BBC outside Broadcast de-rig their staging etc, to Adam Cook our musical director, Alex Campbell our Chair and in particular our deps for the day, as Laser said it was an extraordinarily long day, but the huge crowds made it so worthwhile and all the more memorable. To see a field of faces and waving union jacks as far as one can see will be with us at Becontree for a long time!!! thanks to all our members being at the sound check for the BBC live broadcast at 7 am. and for the rest of the long day.A big thanks also to all those involved in other aspects of the organising this fantastic engagement, more news to come!!

    Chris Bailey
    Vice Chair
    Becontree Brass
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    I can only reiterate what Laser & Chris have said.

    What an amazing day was had by all!

    I think my favourite moment was getting the thousands of people to their feet for the National Anthem, then getting them to stay standing & dance around for the encore of Soul Bossa Nova - we definitely had the balance of power over them then!

    I think we could have gone on for a few more hours and they wouldn't have minded one bit (although I can assure everyone that my lip would definitely have had something to say about it!!!).

    Also a very special well done to David Murray on Solo Trombone for his "impromptu" early morning session at Chris Evans' request (all I can say is you cornets were wimps on that score!).

    Well done everyone - a great day out :D

    PS See our "official" press release over on the "Bandroom News" forum!!!

    Baritone Jen
    Treasurer & Solo Baritone
    Becontree Brass Band
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    David Murray's ad lib Jazz lick was the highlight of Radio 2's coverage of the Royal Wedding!!!!

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