Be careful if you blog and mention your company - even if you are anon!

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    A British secretary in Paris is suing her French firm because she says she was unfairly sacked for writing a weblog about her home and office life.

    The woman, who refuses to give her last name but has been widely named as Catherine Sanderson, says she was fired by Dixon Wilson for "gross misconduct". The blogger, who uses the pseudonym La Petite Anglaise, says she was accused of bringing her company into disrepute. Dixon Wilson, an accountancy firm, has not commented on the case. On Wednesday, more than 200 followers of Ms Sanderson's blog urged her to keep fighting against the decision. But some wrote that writing online carried the same responsibility as any other form of communication.

    The 33-year-old says she never named her company in her internet diary, and although she posted a picture of herself on her weblog, had remained anonymous. She says her firm also objected to her using office time to write her blog.O n her blog,, she mainly writes about her home life raising a three-year-old daughter in Paris.

    But she has also posted several messages about her office, describing one of her bosses as "very old school" with a "plummy Oxbridge accent".

    Catherine says she started blogging just over two years ago "on a whim". The blog has built up a sizeable following since then, with some 3,000 readers daily.