BBC2 Looking for players forced into retirement for health issues

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    Studio Lambert, the BAFTA-winning television production company behind Gogglebox, Secret Millionaire and Undercover Boss, are making an exciting and innovative new science series for BBC Two called Big Life Fix (working title).

    The programme is inspired by the recent raft of incredible, life-changing inventions that have gripped the nation, from 3D-printed prosthetic hands to robots for people with dementia. Across the series, our team of expert engineers and technologists will create bespoke inventions for individuals, families and groups to transform their lives for the better.

    If selected, our expert ‘Fix Team’ will work with them to help make life easier in some way, using ingenious design and technology - this can be anything from an invention to help with basic daily tasks that are problematic because of their condition or situation, through to fulfilling a lifelong dream.

    We would really love to help the music community in some way through the use of technology and in specific a band member that maybe unable to play any longer due to health issues. We would love to invent and build a new piece of technology that will allow musicians to play once again.

    I was wondering if you were aware of any former members of a group that has had to retire due to health or practical issues?

    If you would be interested then feel free to give me a call on 0203 040 6841 or an email on