BBC Young Musician of the Year Brass Final 2008

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  1. towse1972

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    have just watched Peters performance on the website(will watch the others when i can). Well done Peter. Stunning. ;)
  2. steve butler

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    I had a look when I got in from work and was just going to watch a minute of Peter before my tea. Was riveted and slightly moved by such a mature performance. First time I've seen/heard him, what a future he's got :clap:
  3. Aidan

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    matt's not bad for a 2nd euph.
  4. Kiz7

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    You will represent the brass superbly - knock them dead in Cardiff on Saturday and Sunday and make sure you become only the 3rd brass player to be Young Musician of the Year!

    Well done to all the other finalists too. You all played brilliantly and it was great seeing the footage of you. I have watched all three of the category finals so far and think that you all came across really well and completely natural. Fancy calling your Mum "off her rocker" on national TV Pete!
  5. Anno Draconis

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    I watched the brass final programme tonight and was blown away by the standard of all the players, especially Peter, who is simply a remarkable musician.

    However, am I alone in finding the documentary a bit, well, disappointing? Although it was interesting to see the players backgrounds (and good to see Leyland and Wingates get a bit of TV coverage!) we got about 10-15 minutes of fragments of actual playing in a one hour programme, with lots of other stuff about the players schools, and pre-competiton haircuts and so on. Just struck me as a bit poor, almost as if the music part of it was an unimportant afterthought. The same was true of the woodwind programme on Monday, lots of stuff about shopping and parties and hardly any actual music. They used to show whole pieces from every players programme, back in the day. To say that it is "available on the website" is a p!sspoor copout, in my opinion - should have been on the telly!

    Anyway, curmudgeonly moan over. Well done to all the musicians and good luck to Peter for the final. :clap: :clap: :clap:
  6. Masterblaster jnr

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    I knew peter was a great player, but what?...........:sup

    Best of luck to him in the final.:clap:

    (that's my remote chances at the Open this year down the drain :redface: )
  7. iggmeister

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    Just watched the programme having sky+'ed it.

    I thought the standard in the Brass Final was higher than the other 2 I have seen so far.

    Peter Moore's performance was excellent, irrespective of his age and he deserved to go through on merit.

    I'll be watching the final with interest.

  8. andyp

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    I found it a bit disappointing too, particularly as they chose (as usual on TV) to use the kind of stereotypical brass band music for background that everyone who's seen "Brassed Off" think is all we ever play. Why not show them playing something a bit more modern/serious, like the pieces were they played in the competition?
  9. Bayerd

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    The band item played by Wingates was part of the middle movement of Festival Music, set work at the competition mentioned.............
  10. Bungle

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    I assume it was targeted at young musicians or potential young musicians to watch and show how much fun music can be. If that is the case, they did very well and my eight year old started asking me 'when can I play an instrument'. Thinking long term and getting young players into your band, who would you rather it was targeted at, young people or older people?
  11. brassbandmaestro

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    I saw the Brass Final on BBCi Player. What I saw(especially Pixie Pete wasnt h he really good on tromb!!) The Eb bass on the Arutunian concerto for Tuba was very good. Alround a very high standard!
  12. tpcornet12

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  13. brassbandmaestro

    brassbandmaestro Active Member

    People to to visit BBC4 as well. There is a good feature on Peter as well. L
  14. Moy

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    Well done Peter Moore.
    What a star - and once again a brass bandsman.
    When will the classical snobs realise that brass bands can help our young people.
    Once again well done Peter.:clap:
  15. ploughboy

    ploughboy Active Member

    just watched all the final - much more music than in the section finals, brillaint performances all round.

    Well Done to Peter, fantastic playing all night!
  16. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    And a deserved result! Well done Pete.
  17. fattyfattybumbum

    fattyfattybumbum New Member

    Well done Peter !!! Proud and glad a Brass bandsman won !!!!! :clap:
  18. Masterblaster jnr

    Masterblaster jnr Active Member

    Well done Pete!
    He was the only person who i actually made an effort to listen to. (Might be because i nearly fell asleep twice!)

    He's done all us bandsmen proud.
    (BTW, did anyone else find that flute player a bit extravagant)
  19. VenusTromster

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    Pete was most entertaining by far!
  20. Jonesy

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    That would be one way of putting it..... since this is supposed to be a family-friendly forum I don't think I'm allowed to say what I'd like to, suffice it to say I found him to be one of the most irritating performers I've seen in years. A classic case of the emperor's new clothes. I can't be doing with all of this 'look at me, I'm so quirky and unique' nonsense.