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    It's that time of the year when the BBC tries to con us into believing the people that they propose as personalities and teams of the year are the best people.

    Well quite frankly I await to be amazed yet again this year with the dross that people will vote for in the competition. Last year I could not bear to watch the winner of the personality of the year, it was an absolute joke.

    I kept an eye on the Calzaghe fight last night and is there anyone else out there who on a sporting scale deserves the award more than that guy. I am biased since he's Welsh, but ten years a world champion, undefeated in 44 career fights, defended the world belt 21 times. Lets get real here the Americans think he's one of the best.

    On the other side of things, Hatton is fighting in December and if he wins would that constitute a place on the Sports Personality of the Year award?? I somehow think that by the date concerned some numbskulls will vote for a horse rider or someone like that.

    As for the team, lets see, I can see in my crystal ball the England rugby team getting it because the got to the final of the world cup. No sour grapes here, England deserved to get there (through gritted teeth) but does getting to the final and losing become a better team display than the GB Rugby League side winning their first series in 14 years against New Zealand?

    What are your thoughts??
  2. Chris Hicks

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    Lewis Hamilton i expect for personality!
  3. I agree it should be Joe Calzaghe for the top award........
    Lewis Hamilton (England is too much into papparazi, so I shall present awards at 2 shows instead) needs a personality to win!
    The GB rugby league team were playing an under-strength NZ so they shouldn't win the team award - how about a nice "gentile" pony club or polo thingummy - cos thats what the beeb likes ain't it? these sports played by the majority?

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  4. Darth_Tuba

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    Calzaghe deserves it far more than Hamilton. He's been on top of his sport for a decade, whereas Hamilton, although doing well in his first season, couldn't really have gone THAT far wrong being in a McLaren. It was a two-team race this season. And I don't think we should be rewarding him after he has moved to Switzerland just to avoid paying UK taxes (I don't believe for a minute it's to dodge the media).
  5. David Mann

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    What about someone who's ranked world no.1, won 2 world cups, 7 national championships, commonwealth gold and 3 of the most prestigious events in their sport? That person is Nicole Cooke, the problem is that the BBC and British public don't follow the sport of....

    Womens' Cycling.
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    Joe Calzaghe without a doubt. Undisputed Champion of the World. A man who has been at the top of his game for many years and has largely gone unnoticed by the general public. Perhaps because, in these PC times, boxing no longer gets the coverage it once did.

    Lewis Hamilton - good season but ultimately an also ran and showed inexperience when it really mattered. Plus he will soon no longer be UK resident. Don't get me wrong I hope he does succeed as it would be great to have another British F1 Champion. He'll probably still win it though because his face is well known.

    Andy Murray, even more of an also ran than Lewis Hamilton. Has done very little this season and was in fact overshadowed by his brother at Wimbledon.

    Justin Rose, a maybe. Topped the European Order of Merit and has played well all season but didn't really do it in the majors. Still, you don't get to be European number 1 without a modicum of talent.

    As for team of the year. I'll wait to see what result Scotland get against Italy but it would be nice even to be mentioned. Given the position we were in after the disastrous Bertie Vogts era the turnaround has been nothing short of remarkable. We may even finish the year above England in the Fifa rankings.
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  7. Sopex

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    Team of the year must be the Scottish Football Team - once the beat Italy and are the only Home Nation qualified for Euro 2008 and ranked above England in the FIFA Rankings they are the only choice.
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  9. johnmartin

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    Dude, comments like that have a habit of coming back and biting you on the bum.
  10. 2nd man down

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    My top three would be

    1. Joe Calzaghe without a shadow of a doubt
    2. Lewis Hamilton (aside from the fact that he has no personality and has left the country, his achievement in being in the running for the title in the final week of the season is still one hell of an acheivement)
    3. (still considering this one)

    Special award (posthumously) Jane Tomlinson, ok not necessarily a sports personality as such, but her acheivements through running in the face of such a horrible illness, and being such an inspiration to others deserved something special.

    Team award - not sure yet, the jury's still out.
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  12. Sandy Smith

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    Can I present you now with the Ally McLeod award for over-optimism ? ;)
  13. 2nd man down

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    Ha ha!! :clap:

    It certainly deserves recognising in some form!! Not even I (as a proud scot) would have dared to tempt fate with an optomistic prediction like that!!
  14. brassneck

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    - did we expect to beat France though? The odds are still very much against Scotland to beat Italy, but if there's hope and a will ...
  15. Anno Draconis

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    As a Welshman living in Manchester I'd be happy to see either Calzaghe or Hatton win it. If Hatton beats Mayweather, having beaten Tzyu and Castillo, he has to be recognised as one of the finest fighters in the world in any division. Calzaghe, in my opinion, is already there as one of the only non-American fighters who can command primetime US TV deals. Hatton's fight is actually on the morning of the Sports Personality awards show, so by the time we know how he's done the voting will be over.

    But let's face it, boxers are unlikely to win anything on the BBC. They're only in with a shout because of the paucity of acceptable competition this year. Lewis Hamilton? Give me strength. I've got no patience with Formula 1 drivers who, the first time a decent payday comes their way, naff off and live in Monaco or Gstaad to avoid paying any tax on their millions.

    Plus, if I want to buy Hamilton a pint I'll have to cross Europe to do it; Hatton drinks in my mate's local, although his minders (like he needs them) are numerous, and don't take any cr#p.:eek:
  16. Masterblaster jnr

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    I think the team will be the England Rugby Team, for the plain and simple fact they got to the semi finals and they are more recognisable than other sports.
    They still lost Though.

    Personality will go to Lewis Hamilton, for coming so close in his first year in Formula 1 to winning the world championships.
    He still lost though
  17. johnmartin

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    Ha Ha, you seen the ghosts of any words creeping about tonight.
  18. dyl

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    At least try and get your facts right if you're going to post an opinion on it. :rolleyes:

    You are right with the fact that they lost though.
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    I think the Leeds United team deserves team of the year for its fight against a -15 point deficit to be in with a shout of at least qualifying for the play offs.
  20. dyl

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    I think it's pretty obvious that the Israeli National Team will win it now.............