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    Hope this is the right place to post this!!

    Now's your chance to convey your opinion of the BBC's coverage of our type of music. Go to where you will find a series of questions relating to BBC radio stations' use of the medium to cater for all types of music. The categories themselves are a bit limited, but there is plenty of opportunity to make specific comments. Of course, there are many other musical genres that the Beeb largely ignore as well as ours, but it's a chance to let them know we are still here, and want to hear more Brass band/ensemble music on the radio. If we don't let'em know, they'll never even think about us! E.g. - live coverage of the Nationals this weekend?? Area contests on local radio?? Half an hour a week is not exactly enough to cater for the thousands of playing and non-playing brass enthusiasts all over the country, so come on tMp-ers, let's give them something to think about!
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