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    Next week is Youth Music Week, funded by Government grants.

    On 'You & Yours' on BBC Radio 4 today, people were extolling the benefits to young people of learning to play an instrument and how music can help team building. They were praising all kinds of music from classical to rap, BUT, there was NO MENTION OF BRASS BANDING!!!

    I contacted the programme and at the end they announced
    'Michael Fryer reminds us not to forget brass bands -
    Free Tuition
    Free instrument loan
    and Friendship'

    On Sunday's Bandstand radio show, we're continuing the youth theme we started last week. Can anyone suggest ways to make the powers-that-be aware of the benefits of banding to young people?
    Please contact me by PM or e-mail ( with your ideas.
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    A worthy idea, but my initial response is to suggest that you need to identify your target bodies. Who exactly are the 'powers-that-be'? It's a vague term often used in banding by people who have little idea of who they are talking about.

    Would-be journalists are always taught to identify the outlet for their work - no point in producing an immaculately researched 10,000 word article about the state of the Nicaraguan cork industry and then offering it to The Sun. So - identify your target first, then tailor your response accordingly.

    Good luck with the project.
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    National Youth Music Week

    Does anyone know of any brass band taking part in National Youth Music Week?
    If so, please let know.