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    Hi everyone
    Last Sunday I was listening to Aled Jones Good Morning Sunday as always on BBC Radio 2 . Aled said he had been up in North Yorkshire , selling homes all week whilst filming for the TV series Escape To The Country
    He told listeners that a week last Thursday he had played with the Harrogate Brass Band !
    Quoting Aled " I tried my hardest to get a note out of a tuber, could I do it , no chance, I looked like a right lemon, some things never change
    "If the good people of the Harrogate Brass Band remember to send me their CD this week, I’m not putting much money on it, but if they do I’ll definitely play it next week"

    So are the Band up for Aled's challenge?
    I contacted the Events & Concert manager by email who told me a copy of their CD ‘Made In Harrogate’ has been sent to Aled. So the answer is YES :p
    It will be very interesting to hear if it they do make tomorrow's show.

    My background in all this
    As a long-time fan of the Good Morning Sunday Show I wrote into this show after Easter disappointed by the direction of the music format.
    They were beginning to sound like every other programme on the network and I wanted my Sunday’s to remain different and special by way of the music played.
    I’m not very religious , I have more reflective spiritual belief but as a Religious Ethics show I wanted it to at least feel like the music should bring comfort to listeners especially to someone like me who lives alone.
    I’m not huge lover of brass; I have a very eclectic taste music wise but for me the sound of a Brass Band bring homely, spiritual, comforting qualities with a very British sound. :wink:

    I therefore suggested to the shows producer introduce a “Brassed Off Feature” on this basis.
    With the new Spring schedule the programme gained an extra hour 6 – 9am.
    ** This allowed for some open slots and she really liked the included it between 6 – 7am. Usually it comes on at 6:15 - 6:25

    ** Each week Aled Jones asked for Bands / Groups to submit music to the show for consideration and was welcoming feedback.
    In June due to poor response he made another plea as the feature was in danger of being dropped.
    I tried my best on Radio 2 message boards to whip up some interest. Thankfully listeners responded saying they want it to continue.
    Note : Yes it is very early for a Sunday morning but the programme is available on the BBC iPlayer for 7 days
    SEE typical Playlist -
    Maybe now I have posted on this forum many more bands/ groups will be aware of the chance to have their music played on National radio.
    My hope is that “Brassed Off” will remain a constant on Good Morning Sunday ;)

    :arrow: It needs listeners, fans, bands etc to keep giving the show feedback. Dedications and requests would also help tremendously.
    Looking forward to hearing brass bands keep Cheryl Cole etc off the Radio 2 playlist if only for 5 MINS!!!
    Use the Contact Page or or email -

    So far since 11 April the show has played:
    Grimethorpe Colliery Band — Colonel Bogey, Feather Theme
    Dinnington Colliery Band - ‘Born Free’, ’Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind’, ‘Danny Boy’,
    The Salvation Army - ‘Nimrod’
    Black Dyke Mills Band - ‘Londonderry Air’, ‘That’ll Do’,

    30 May 2010 Black Dyke Mills Band -Cornet Corillon
    6 June 2010 Cory Band -– Abide With Me
    13 June 2010 Grimethorpe Colliery Band - Feather Theme
    20 June 2010 Tredegar Town Band – ‘March from The Great Escape’
    27 June 2010 Powerfuel Hatfield Colliery Band - You Needed Me
    4 July 2010 Hepworth Band - Get Happy
    11 July 2010 Pendennis Brass - A Gaelic Blessing
    18 July 2010 Hendon Brass Band - On Duty
    24 July 2010 Bodmin Town Band - Somewhere Out There
    1 August 2010 Betteshanger Colliery Band - March Pennine Way

    Please spread the word about the show.
    Send your CD’s to Hilary Robinson, Producer, BBC Religion and Ethics. The show contact details and mailing address are on the website.

    :arrow: Are you a member of any of the above Bands ?
    If so were you aware you were heard on BBC Radio 2 ?
    Grateful thanks to the enjoyment all these plays have brought me in keeping Sundays Special !
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    I'm in harrogate band. Your idea is good, any publicity for brass bands is a step in the right direction [​IMG]
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    Quoting Aled " I tried my hardest to get a note out of a tuber, could I do it , no chance, I looked like a right lemon, some things never change

    He thinks we play TUBERS... potato anyone? :rolleyes:
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    Cranbrook Town band had an email from Aled's program asking for a CD and I think we are on today. Thanks livewirer for contacting Radio 2. I also sent a CD off to Manx radio and we had some tracks played, so don't forget the other radio stations.
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    Thanks so much for your kind comment and posting the band photo with Aled, its great! . Can't think why he positioned himself so he could put his arm around the blond lady member ;)
    The band didn't get played this morning , maybe the CD didn't get to them in time with snail mail or perhaps there is a dodgy postman who has a liking for Brass Band music LOL

    Hi had to laugh at my Typo :D ( I won't edit my original post) . Maybe that is where Aled is going wrong. I seem to have vegetables on the brain.
    Last weekend my local country show was discussing leeks , yes really, I don't think it was anything to do with Taylor Swift's new single being leaked this week on the Internet.
    I'd be interested though if any bands have adapted her song 'Love Story'.

    You can see why I struggled to get a CSE in English ...Yes I meant a TUBA
    Not one of these:
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    Your welcome, Can you tell me the show on Manx Radio , timings, any listen back etc . I recently discovered Radio Teesdale 102.1FM and the "Bandstand" show and one on Radio Devon.

    Yes it was great to hear the Cranbrook Town Band with ‘Be Still For The Presence of The Lord’. It came on at 6:25 after the really super Welsh duo Paper Aeroplanes .
    Pick up at 27mins on the BBC iPlayer The Playlist is here - GMS LINK

    Aled described it as “absolutely beautiful” and that it was one of his favourite hymns. I agree totally with those sentiments. :tup
    Aled played it for Alan Boyd the producer for Terry Wogan who made a point of saying how he enjoyed a brass band hymn. This is great news; maybe Weekend Wogan will now come on board too.
    A favourite play on the breakfast show used to be Peter Gabriel’s That'll Do" with Black Dyke Mills which was played on the very last Wogan show.

    Giving feedback to Aled’s producer in the week she replied by saying she is coordinating the “brass offerings” with the programme researcher and as a result she is developing an increasing passion for brass music too!
    I have to say that the information given out is excellent. Do you agree?
    Its great to hear today that the Brassed Off feature is really taking off - Thanks to everyone submitting music. ;)

    Many congratulations to Cranbrook Town Band for getting heard on BBC Radio 2 ! I loved it, Thank you! You were rubbing shoulders with Lionel Richie and the Commodores ! ;)
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    There's an arrangement just come out for that, I think by pennine music publishing
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    There is........and it's great!!

    Check out Pennines website for an MP3 clip (coming soon if not up already) we played this arrangement at Wetherby bandsatnd 2 weeks and it went down really well.
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    Been playing "Love Story" the version by Taylor Swift, arranged by Gavin Somerset all summer. It has gone down great. Would really advise in getting it.
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    When I approached my bank manager (an old friend of my late father) for a loan for my first bass, he called me in at the appointed time, and asked what the hell I was wasting his time for. A loan for a tuber? I was quaking in my boots when he smiled, burst out laughing and said he knew what a tuba was even if his young staff didn't.

    I had the loan amount in my account some twenty minutes later!
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    Time for Brass on Manx radio is broadcast on Monday evenings and is available for 'listen again' at

    I am glad you liked our recording. Thanks for your work in promoting brass bands, but I can't help thinking this is the kind of thing the BFBB should be doing. Maybe they should offer you a job!

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    Brass on Radio

    Alan Titchmarsh usually includes a brass piece in his BBC Radio 2 programme - 7pm Sunday.

    We would appreciate copies of CDs from Bands, as we try to include as many different bands as possible in our Bandstand programme. Please send to:- M. Fryer, Bandstand, Bowes, Co Durham, DL12 9LU.

    Playlist for SUNDAY 15 AUGUST 2010, repeated Friday 20 August 2010
    Dambusters March - Band of RAF Regiment
    Over The Rainbow - Towcester Studio Band
    On The Town - Stavanger Brass Band
    Hello Dolly - Harrogate Band
    For Your Eyes Only - Leyland Band
    Sabre Dance - Ever Ready Band
    Born Free - Durham Constabulary Band
    Star Trek Deep Space 9 - Fairy Band
    The Mask of Zorro - Grimethorpe Band
    Chicken Run - Barnard Castle Band
    Carioca - RAF Band
    Colonel Bogey - Grimethorpe Band
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    Thank you for your kind words and that you think I am doing a good job in support of the quality music you good people make . I tuned into the show on Radio Manx and enjoyed it , a well presented show.

    Congratulations to The Cory Band who were played today on Radio 2.
    19 mins on Listen Back ( Until 22 Aug )
    They rubbed shoulders on the playlist with Bruce Springsteen and Lady Antebellum who have the biggest selling album of 2010 to date.

    'Pel Mel' was a good piece but I thought it lacked the spiritual qualties of previous plays. Aled Jones and the producer went for some lively music this morning playing “The lighter side of Elgar Howarth

    Aled gave a shoutout to The Harrogate Brass Band, mentioning again he was filmed playing a Tuba.Aled made a point of saying “playing” very loosely in that he made a dreadful noise.
    A shoutout also for Malcolm for the loan of the Tuba ! ;)
    Aled said “Apparently we may be playing The Harrogate Brass Band next week in this slot” and after the track said that “ CD’s are coming in thick and fast now, we really do love this spot...Losts of texts and emails about Brassed off this morning
    He read out one message from Kevin from Doncaster who said the brassed off play was “Fantastic”
    * This is all brilliant news – Thanks to everyone contributing to Good Morning Sunday ;)

    I looked on the website mentioned for the arrangement of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’, there was sheet music available but no audio. If someone can point me in the direction of a CD I’d be grateful and will flag the link up on Taylor Swift’s forum !

    Christopher Cross played in the first hour I’ve been a long-time fan of. I’m guessing a band has possibly arranged ‘The Theme from Arthur’ or his Grammy winning song ‘Sailing’ – Can anyone please confirm ?
  14. Here it is...and with an audio sample as well ;-) ...

    Love Story
    By Taylor Swift

    Released in September 2008, this hit shot Taylor Swift to fame both in the pop and country music industry. The song still holds the record for being the most downloaded country song in history. With words based on a modern day Romeo & Juliet, however this time, with a happy rather than tragic ending. This arrangement by Gavin Somerset remains faithful to the original in every way, with cues and some doubling of parts allowing most levels of bands to perform this work. A perfect piece for younger bands and for summer and gala concerts where this piece shows the younger members of your audiences that Brass Bands are incredibly versatile and even gives the chance to sing along!

    Full score & parts: £19.95
    Direct Link -
    Audio Sample - CLICK HERE
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    Congratulations to The Harrogate Band who were this weeks Brass stars on Aled Jones Good Morning Sunday. I didn't quite wake up in time to hear it. Came on at 6:15 . I caught up with it on the BBC iPlayer
    They rubbed shoulders with Dan Reed and Phil Collins on the playlist. Superb to hear 'Lord Of All Hopefulness' , just perfect for the show. :tup

    Aled sent out his love to the band :-? Seems like he enjoyed his beer with you all afterwards ;)

    I have enjoyed sourcing tracks from The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army from their album Together. 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' followed by Aled Jones and the band 'Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace' is quite wonderful.
  17. We don't believe so. The piece was only released on the 11th June this year and so is still relatively new.
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    The band that I conduct - Cranbrok Town Band was on on 8th August playing 'Be Still for the Prescence of the Lord'
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    Pity I can't spell! 'Be Still for the Presence of the Lord!'
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    More of a pity you can't spell Cranbrook either :roll:. Been a long day?