BBC proposed cuts threatens specialist music on the BBC

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    Hi everyone
    BBC CUTS - Not sure how much you've heard.
    I created a BLOG which lays out the BBC Trust's proposals as regards to Local and National BBC Radio.
    I particuarly have an interest in country music so it details all the programmes under threat. :frown:

    I'm horrified that ALL specialist music programmes can potentially get scrapped by the BBC. :frown:
    It could have severe repercussions to get Country/Folk/Brass Band music heard by large listener audiences across the BBC Radio network with the local BBC programmes the most threatened with programme sharing at weekends and an All England programme in the evenings.
    Please take the time to read it and encourage people to submit their views to the BBC Trust Consultation by the 3rd week in December

    SOURCE - BBC cuts in detail:

    This what the people in Shropshire think about it but I'm sure those feelings will be felt around the country


    Kind Regards
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