BBC Proms, Brass Day... He is Armoured without. Who else has been accepted?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I applied to be in the BBC band put together to perform He is Armoured without at brass day at the Royal Albert Hall in the BBC Proms Brass Day and am absolutely delighted that i was selected! :)

    I was wondering if anyone else on the forum was going to London from the 21st to 27th to rehearse the piece and then perform it?
    It'd be great to get in contact with some others who are going so we're not all strangers to each other on the first day!

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    Hi Sam
    There are 3 of us from East London Brass going, Adam on bass trombone, Heather who plays Eb Bass and myself on either cornet or flugel. We're all really looking forward to it. We are also doing the brass massive in the morning. This a local job for us as we live in E17 so won't have for to travel, you're not doing that journey every day are you? I have vague memories of travelling to and from Wiltshire when I was at college many moons ago.
  3. Nope, i'm staying with my grandparents who live in Surrey hopefully but it will still mean a bit of a train journey every day and across the tube! I have tickets for the brass massive too actually, i had those booked before getting into the other thingy.
    So what ages are you guys?
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    (So what ages are you guys?[/quote])

    Sorry I have taken so long to reply. Well I have a son a year youger than you and i'm known as the "band mum", so you can draw yourown conclusions (but it is on my profile). Heather is 24 and Adam is 29. Look forward to catching up with you nwxt weekend
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    I was accepted too but now for personal reasons I can't make it :(
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