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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by Brian Bowen, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. Brian Bowen

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    Some sloppy production work by the BBC for the 16 April Listen to the Band broadcast -- Listener Request.

    The march "Cairo Red Shield" (Raikes) was both requested and announced by Frank Renton but the music played was "Salute to America" (Coles). Was the march actually played by Hendon SA Band as announced and listed?

    The playlist published on the Internet was also inaccurate. It credited Mick James as the soloist in "Steal Away". He was in fact the person who made the request, the soloist really being Eric Alexander with Spiritual to the Bone. My guess is the Coldstream Guards Band were recorded on Bandleader and Hendon SA Band on Egon: the playlist had it the other way round.

    The Internet broadcast cut out the final piece that was announced!
  2. Razor

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    Noticed that too!

    'Salute to America' and 'Cairo Red Shield' were I believe both included on a CD released by Hendon a number of years back. It was on the Bandleader label and was titled 'Marching with the Salvation Army' (I think). Looks like right CD but somebody made the wrong track selection when putting the programme together.

    Felt sorry for the young trombonist from Campbelton brass who requested ' Cairo Red Shield'. He writes to LTTB and luckily his request is selected to be included then they go and play the wrong march!

    I've heard Campbelton Brass themselves playing 'Cairo Red Shield' in entertainment programmes in the past.
  3. PeterBale

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    The Coldstream Guards recording "On Her Majesty's Service" is indeed on the Egon label - and a very good one it is too!

    tMPers may be interested to know that the march "Cairo Red Shield" is one of a number of old favourites included in the Salvation Army's new book of "Favourite Marches and Hymn Settings", together with other more recent compositions. The marches have been recorded on a double cd by Boscombe Band (review to follow on 4barsrest :wink: )
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    Please let the BBC know!
    Some months ago a band played the Euphonium solo 'Shepherd Song' by Trevor Davis. They announced that it was composed by Kenneth Downie.
    When I queried it, I was told that they were correct and the band had supplied a score!
    They appeared to back down somewhat when I gave them the General Series journal number and informed them that I had played on the first recording of the piece that Derick Kane made with the ISB some years previously!
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  6. Brian Bowen

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    To give the Beeb credit, Al Booth (producer of LTTB) replied promptly to my email. Among other things she said:

    I wonder if anyone else can verify that Bandleader had the tracks wrongly numbered ("Cairo Red Shield" is in 4/4 with the trio section based on the tune hymn-tune Pilgrims, "Salute to America" is in 6/8 )?
  7. PeterBale

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    When I bought my copy - on tape, some time ago - there was a discrepancy in the listing, and Bandleader sent out a new insert, so maybe a similar thing had happened with the cd. (I'd forgotten all about that until reading Brian's post with the BBC's explanation!)
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    I have the CD in question at home and I don't remember there being a discrepancy in the track listing, but maybe I got a copy with the correct sleeve.

    Fair explanation from BBC though! Pity they hadn't used the recording of the march by the Canadian Staff Band, much better all round.