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    I too also have several videos of little odds & sods of BBC-BOB / Granada / Eisteddfods and even one of the NYBBW sitting on a shelf, though, sadly, I no longer own a video player.......

    Unfortunately I doubt I have enough bits to be worthwhile copying for you, and from memory I think the videos I have were getting pretty worn out anyway (or perhaps vibrato was very different back then......?)
  2. Compaq

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    Hi Rich,
    this won't be much use to you
    but I actually watched a bit of the best of brass series you wrote about a few days ago.
    It's on an old videotape
    it only lasts for about 5 minutes at the most.
    I never watched the series during its original broadcast
    but I must say the music on this tape is pretty good.
    Have you had any luck on finding a copy of the series?
  3. Jack E

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    Watch out, RT - you never know what you'll stumble across in a loft - the Lost Chord, an old Police phone box that makes a zingy-humming noise, the crew of the Marie Celeste . . . read, and heed . . .

    My mum once sent my sister's boyfriend up into our loft in London, in a house built in 1952, which we moved into when it was brand new - so anything up there had been stashes away during our tenancy. Mum was stood at the bottom of the step ladder, and Harry's voice floated down:

    "Did you know there's a piano up here?"

    Mum: o_O :eek: :confused: "WHAT??????????????"

    After a bit of head-scratching, she remembered telling my dad to "Get rid of that damn piano" when she went out to the shops one Saturday, years before. When she returned, there it was, gone - but dad had been rather vague as to exactly how he'd disposed of it . . . !! :cool:

    Only later did I remember the two of us sawing up the frame into lumps - but I'd forgotten what we did with them . . . or, just possibly, dad had brainwashed me . . . he was a bit strange . . . mind, some people say the same about me . . .
  4. Jack E

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    It's a thankless task, RT - but somebody has to be the hero . . .
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  5. I posted some clips of Cory from this series in about 1982 to youtube recently, here's one of the links:

    This was salvaged from an old Betamax tape. I also have a tape of SunLife vs Carlton Main, 1983 final, which I will get around to posting soon.

    If you search youtube there are a few other clips of the series, definitely seen Fodens on there.
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  6. Thanks for Posting. Looking forward to your next post SunLife vs Carlton
  7. Dr Bob

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    Most of the Best of Brass series and many Granada Band of the Year shows are on Youtube. If you can't find them let me know and I'll post the links.

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Rich. There's a few on YouTube. Think Richard Adams have the old J&C ones. Think also Ken Fergason has some Desford ones.

    I'd love, really love no really really love recording of the last ever Jones & Crossland Granada Band of the year performance. We finished with Tippet Festal Brass but were Beaton by Imps I think throwing peanuts into the audience !!!
  9. Matthew

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    I have some BOB videos in the loft - I manually recorded them from the BEEB as a kid. I will see what I have next week! :)

    PS I def. have J&C band on one.
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    ROBTHEDOG Member

    That'll be brilliant

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