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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Bones, May 27, 2005.

  1. Bones

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    Probably urinating extensively in the wind here.

    In the mid 80's a young sallow faced youth, have received his first brass instrument (a tenor horn no less) , remained devoted to one programme on BBC TV at the time. 7.45pm BBC2 Best of Brass. A programme with a smaller props budget than a Punch and Judy show and and redolent of bouffant haristyles and dodgy moustaches.

    Still, such things stay in your mind and so I digress.

    Some years later, whilst down at my parents in law, my now wife announced (after 2 years of living with each other) that she had some of the programmes on a video (what other pandora's box type secrets is she keeping from me I wonder?), and I watched it fondly with happy memories.

    Unfortunately, house moves amongst other things has meant the video has vanished, either lent out or gone elsewhere.

    So my heart wrenching request is as follows. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the series, or even some bits of it so I can piece it together. I've tried the BBC, and got a negative, t'internet wasn't much cop either.

    If anyone has any ideas, I'd be a grateful bunny.


  2. TheMusicMan

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    Hi Richard

    Have made this thread a sticky for a week or so to give it a lilttle more prominence. Good luck with this search... shame the BBC couldn't help you though - indicative of the way the perceive banding I guess eh!

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  3. Bones

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    Tell me about it John. Of course if I was requesting footage of 3 foot midget playing soul music on a patagonian noseflute whilst defecating on a picture of the Pope I'd probably get an Arts grant for it. BBC doesn't mind investing in cultural programmes but forgets the bit about "British" culture. Mind you I understand Morris Dancers are also feeling the pinch with the new EU directive that bells worn below the knee is in contravention of the G12 treaty which clearly states,

    "any bells worn as apparel whilst carrying a stick and wearing white trousers may be considered defamatory to the mountain people of Greater Lincolnshire and therefore such individuals may be subject to death by stoning during the hours of 2300 hrs and 2301 hrs, but only if you are gainfully employed in goat herding and your mother has 2 thumbs on her right foot"

    Forgive if I am a bit bitter and non PC but having just come back from Vienna where we played 2 concerts, outdoors on the Saturday to an immensely appreciateive audience who stopped, yes stopped and listened to the whole lot from start to finish, makes me think that if the powers that be aren't interested where is the movement going.

    Off my already well used soapbox, any help on the Best of Brass stuff and I would sell my first born...


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  4. doubleplug

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    VHS recording of BoB etc.


    You may be lucky. I kept some of the Best of Brass, some of the Granada Contests and an old recording of Grimethorpe with Peter Skelern(very young Peter Roberts playing Firebird)

    send me an email off line:D :D :D

    IYOUNG Member

    If you manage to get hold of a copy of the Hendon v Yorksire Imps heat (can't remember the year) my dad would love to see himself!!

    Good luck with the search


  6. ju33les

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    Ohhhhhhh... I was in the audience of one of those contests sitting behind the cornet sections.....about 83/84ish. Be nice to know if I'm still there!:)

    I saw it when it came out and I was on it LOTS!:biggrin:
  7. SteveT

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    Ahh The Memories


    Despite the aforementioned wobbly production, this and the Granada contest really captured the public imagination. It influenced a whole raft of new players and helped produce a boom of new players in the 70's ... (and free tuition in shcools of course). So much so, there were 40 bands in the NW Area 4th section Areas in the mid 80's. I was a participant in the contests and they really were good fun to be part of.

    Nothing quite like a blacked up camera man sticking his lense up your trombone bell. (Granada). Where would we have been without the Grimethorpe conductor less effort. Steve Sykes, Anything You Can (Snell Fodens) ....... Sid wood with his tremelo first valve and Kirsties Flugel Solo.... The Peanut Vendor etc etc etc.

    Ahhh those were the days. oops better go the night nurse is coming!
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  8. Bones

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    Couldn;t agree more Steve, hence why I am quite annoyed that our national Media limits it's brass band ouput to Frank Renton's programme and not the TV coverage I think it would attract. Or even recognises that it did happen. Quote from the nice lady I spoke to at the BBC. " Best of Brass, never heard of it"

    Hope springs eternal and all that.


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  9. Railybobs

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    Simple ! ! !

    The BBC's charter states that anyone who appears on air in any medium is entitled to a copy of the broadcast at no charge to themselves.

    You need to approach the Archives at BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London.

    They're pretty quick
  10. doubleplug

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    Looking through my old tapes of some of the Best of Brass and Granada contests I've got an idea of our next TMP quiz - 80's Mullets. There are some wonderful hairstyles on display from the Dallas and Dynasty era. Bob Geldof, circa 2005 has nothing on these. Maybe I should consult my lawyer first.

    Bass Trombone
    Bon Accord Silver Band
  11. gaz

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    I Have A Video Loaned To Me From A Trombone Player Called Richard
  12. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    ey up mate, I think Clive (Taffy) may have some old recordings too. I did have them all, but they now live elsewhere
  13. Highams

    Highams Member

    I would love to have copies of all these, (Hanwell are on there against Fairey!) what are the chances of a DVD copy with monies going to a charity or the youth/childrens band?

  14. trumpetmike

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    Seeing this thread reminds me - back when I was just starting (sorry to make some of you feel old), I watched this programme and got a lot of inspiration out of it. One piece that particularly sticks in my mind is an arrangement of the Agincourt song. I cannot remember who played it, who arranged it or anything, I just remember it being a good arrangement - can anybody help with more information?
    I have asked in a couple of bands I have played with and been given very blank looks:confused:
  15. Bones

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    Yorkshire Imps, arr. Ray Farr.

    Agreed a classic.
  16. trumpetmike

    trumpetmike Well-Known Member

    Thanks for such a speedy response - I knew someone here would know:D
    Next question - easily available?
  17. PeterBale

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  18. Straightmute

    Straightmute Active Member

    Sorry to nit-pick but it's Elgar Howarth's arrangement, originally for PJBE, which Ray Farr transribed for band. Still a cracking arrangement but Mr Howarth deserves the credit for this one!!!


  19. Rebel Tuba

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    Cor this thread reminds me of the hoards of, probably very damp, videos i have in the loft, of BoB and the Granada, intermixed with the best years of Leeds United.

    Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho its too the loft I go
  20. Rebel Tuba

    Rebel Tuba Member

    Remember the penuts that Imp players chucked at the audience during ray farrs arr of The Penut Vendour. 100 audience members went in and only 38 survived the frenzzied attack.

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