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  1. In a nutshell then. I'm playing a BBb bass. It has a Vincent Bach 24AW mouthpiece which I like playing on. But it has an area of nickel plating missing on rim. The base metal is in contact with my mouth/lips. Need a new one.
    Can I presume that all VB mouthpieces will fit my BBb leadpipe. But if I bought another brand of tuba mouthpiece (will use Wick as an example) thenI would need to order one with 'large' shank.
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    I'll give you a first reply and hope that others more expert will chip in later.

    The Vincent Bach mouthpiece catalogue ( lists their Tuba Mouthpieces towards its very end, and at the end gives dimensions for their Mouthpieces and the receiver (opening size) that they are intended for. I believe that the 24AW is part of the 335 family and that Bach don't make any small shank Tuba Mouthpieces.

    As far as I know Wick are the only company that offer new small shank Tuba Mouthpieces - I'd be glad to be corrected if that is not the case. As an aside and for general information only I believe that a large shank Trombone Mouthpiece will fit a Tuba's small shank receiver and that some of the biggest Bass Trombone sizes (28 mm plus) might work for someone in an Eb Bass.

    At one time it was possible to have Mouthpieces replated rather than replace. I don't know if anyone still offers that service but it might be worth you considering and asking about - Tuba Mouthpieces are rather expensive (cost is variable and they were dearer in another shop Vincent Bach 335 24AW Tuba Mouthpiece)

    Seems that DT had the same (replatng) idea too whilst I was editing/refining this post.

    Edit. If replating is a course that you are interested in then I suggest you start a separate thread on that, there's nothing like getting personal recommendation or someone may suggest a supplier that you haven't come across in your own searches. A chap who went by the name of Gold Chops used to do them, but sadly he is no longer with us.
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    In your shoes, I'd just get your existing mouthpiece replated. Cheaper, and you're guaranteed to get a mouthpiece you like...
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    the actual answer is yes, a new VB mouthpiece will fit your tuba, and there is no reason for the 24AW not to work well with a BBb tuba, and re-plating is a good option (google it and you will find several companies that can do it), the word is that that Bach mouthpieces are not quite as consistent as they used to be and that a new 24AW may not feel the sam as your old one
    If you go for a Denis Wick you will need to specify the L model, but even Denis Wick is not so straightforward with classic, heritage (and XL in both) and Aaron Tyndall models to choose from in gold and silver plate
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  6. Thanks all for the replies.
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  7. One Arnolds and Sons 24 AW purchased. It's in the post.
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    I'm glad you got something sorted out. After it has arrived and you've had a chance to try it out properly then it would be interesting to hear about how you think it compares to your Bach.
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    I had an Arnold & Sons copy of a Bach 1-1/2G a while back. It was as I recall quite a decent mouthpiece, far from the worst 1-1/2G copy I've ever tried.
  10. Two weeks or so since I received my Arnolds and Sons 24 AW. It plays remarkably well!! Bottom end.....sonorous, as LOUD as is required (pivot method required). Mid range...a joy to play. Pert and coquettish.......nice projection. Top end........good enough. How many BBb bass players want or need to play top line F or above.....unless they are championship band players....or soloists!

    It will do............until I find a better one!!!
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    Get it replated. 24AW is stock excellent MP. If you fancy a little bigger try Bach 18 but needs support.

    I have Bach 18 MtVernon being done by Owen Wedgwood following several positive reviews.

    Typical cost £25/£30for Silver or £50 silver with Gold rim and bowl depending on original condition.
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    BTW is your 24AW marke "corp" after the Vincent Bach name, they are a little older and more sought of. If it happens to be a Mount Vernon. You are very very lucky and have a a rare and very very sought after mouthpiece.
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    If you know of a few other replanting companies and recommendations then please do say. It’s a bit of an expensive route to take, but on the other hand new low brass Mouthpieces aren’t cheap either.

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    Be careful that undue finishing changes characteristics of the original MP. Also check McQueens, Brass fix I think, Lamberts ?
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    Bach 18 for me all the way. I also have a Bach 7 which occasionally comes out - it's a bucket! ;)

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