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  1. Hi, due to my band having a 3 week break I'm looking to keep my lip in as i dont practice at home, i have my own Bbb bass but would need use of any other's. i live in hebden bridge but dont want to venture out to far as i work long days. I'm varied standard, would prefer to play Bbb bass but can play to a good standard on others.

    Any section

    Thanks Rick
  2. refman8

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    Hi Rick sent you a PM
  3. JDH

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    Hope you have found band Rick.

    I am just curious why you do not practice at home as you are obviously a keen musician?

  4. Hi, yep found a couple of bands. We when I played euph/barri I practised everyday. When moving on to Bbb bass I find it really boring practising. I think I've practice it a couple times at home and that was when I was helping a band out on montarge and had 2 weeks to get it up but that's it really plus I don't have spare time as I have my own business and my wife runs an equestrian enter so there really isn't any time. Does that help with your question.
    Looking to go down to other champ second bands for a blow if anyone out there short of a Bbb bass player for a couple of practices? With in 30 of hebden bridge as I work long hours, thanxs

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