BBb Basses for sale (3v and 4v Imperials)

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    Hitchin Band have two Imperial BBb Basses for sale. We are looking to put them on ebay in the next week but wanted to give first dibs here!

    Boosey and Hawkes 4 Valve Besson Imperial 792 - 19" bell, lacquered. Was used by Hitchin Band up to January this year. It plays well, the valves
    are in good condition and the valve action is good. All slides are free. It has a fairly severe dent on the bottom bow, next to the
    joint and the usual knocks and dents but nothing that affects the playing. The bell has been badly kinked and has since been knocked
    back to the right shape but would benefit from further work by a professional repairer.
    Comes with padded canvas gig bag in good condition. There is no mouthpiece. £800 open to offers.

    Boosey and Hawkes 3 Valve Imperial - 17" bell, Silver Plate. This instrument has very few dents and all are very minor. Plating on the bell
    is excellent but there are large areas of the body of the instrument where the plating has worn through. The valves are in excellent
    condition and all slides are free. There is a hard case available (of later vintage) but it is in poor condition. £350 open to offers.

    Due to the size, the basses will be collection only. We are based in Hitchin/Luton. Please contact via the mouthpiece for more details.

    Photos to follow.
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    Can you upload the photo's ?

    Was following the BBb sold the other week, it just went out of price range.
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    Apologies for delay!

    This is the 4 valve DSC_4797.jpg DSC_4798.jpg DSC_4799.jpg DSC_4800.jpg DSC_4801.jpg
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    And the 3 valve DSC_4803.jpg DSC_4804.jpg DSC_4805.jpg DSC_4806.jpg DSC_4808.jpg
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    Pics above. We are looking to put them on ebay on sunday so let us know what you think :)
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    4 Valve has now been sold.

    3 valve going on ebay tomorrow.
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