BBb Bass Position Sought - West Yorks

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by Matthew, Jul 21, 2005.

  1. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    BBb Bass player, currently registered with Pennine Brass (non-playing member at the moment), looking for a Championship level band to play with in Yorkshire (preferably West Yorks) or a higher standard 1st Section band.

    I now have time to commit to the right band and restart playing (not played in over a year), please PM me if you'd like to have a chat, thanks. :)
  2. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Thanks for the PM's so far, much appreciated. :)

    I'm ideally looking for a band in West Yorkshire, so please nothing in the NW etc, thanks. :D
  3. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Thanks for all the messages from other forum members. :D

    I'm still looking for the right band, so please PM me if you're a 1st or Champ Section band in West Yorkshire who are looking for a BBb Player (please, not the North West). Thanks. :D
  4. Wassup Matt - no passport?
  5. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    LOL, it went out of date! ;)
  6. im surprized you aint found the right band yet, theres loadsa vacancies around in w.y. for all instruments at the mo, its lower section bands MD positions that dont seem to be around right now, shame coz i'd like to conduct a 4th section band, 3rd at a pinch altho my lack of experience conducting may make it the wrong move for me, i'd like to start with a band in the bottom section and try my best to gain success with them from the bottom and work the way up through the sections, winning prizes and being successful in concerts aswell.

    good luck in finding the right band anyway, you shouldnt have any problem really, perhaps if none of the top 2 sections have any seats you could drop down to 2nd section, try and help a 2nd section band win promotion to the 1st.


    In a climate where good BBb bass players are as rare as hen's teeth I can personally recommend to 'any' band that they snap this guy up. Class player who also does a mean band website!!

    Yo Matt!
  8. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Hi Mick! :D Good to 'see' you! Thanks for the kind compliments. :)
  9. kiejaz

    kiejaz New Member

    re bass position

    :) HIYA MATT, remember me - Karen Jaz used to play flugel then horn with PB. Im currently playing with Lindley Band, Huddersfield, under the baton of Neil Jowett, & we are in need of solo BBb player. Relegated to 1st sec next area but hoping for good bit of rivalry competition from PB & Marsden. We have had quite a few changes over the last month but band is looking & sounding strong again. PM me if interested. Hope u r ok anyway. ;)
  10. Matthew

    Matthew Active Member

    Hi Karen! Great to see you and hope the band is doing well and yourself. :) I'll send over a PM to you. :D

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