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  1. premacyblue

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    Can anyone tell me of a decent mouthpiece for a Sovereign BBb bass?
    I've saved around £100 by selling my old mouthpieces and want something better than my Denis Wick 2AL that I'm playing with at the moment. I find the 1AL doesn't give me the range of the 2AL.
    Someone said the 2XL is a better mouthpiece and other people have mentioned Perantucci '50 something' or a Giddings & Webster 'Bayano'. I'm sure there are people playing these out there who can give me a fair opinion Thanks.
  2. yorkie19

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    I messed around with various mouthpieces a few years ago, but came back to the Wick 2XL. I wouldn't swap it for anything now.

    You've got to find a mouthpiece that you like playing on, daft as it sounds.
  3. AndyCat

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    Try as many as you can get your hands on! I've played on (over the last 20 years), Wicks (2,1 and xl's), Bachs (24AW, 18, 12 and 7) Schilkes (Helleburg, 66, 69C4), Peruntuccis (88, 84, 50) and have ended up on Mike Finns (an MF3), although I've never had chance to try a Giddings and Webster so can't comment!
    The Mike Finn is the cofiest mouthpiece (for me) I've played, and I use it for everything I do on BBb, from Brass Band through to 10 piece and orchestras.
  4. Thirteen Ball

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    Perantucci PT50+ (heavy shell) is fantastic for a sov BB. Loads of power and control, broad, dark sound, great pedal register and no slouch up top either. Borrowed one recently and loved it. Currently saving for one now!

    Only thing is it's 33mm wide so a bit of a step up from a 2AL. There are horror stories about the price but they're only 5 quid more than the equivalent VB or DW if you shop around. Try if you want one.

    I played on a wick for a year or so, but never liked the noise it made.

    I'm on a JK at the mo, but my best advice is to steer clear. You just can't get enough air down them to play BB as the stem is very narrow inside.

    I put a thread on about this a while back here and it got quite a few replies. Hope it helps!!
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  5. Colin.Doran

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    Couldn't agree more due to the fact that you used to bring them to youth band for us to try too I also agrree with sam don't think there is such a thing as a perfect mouthpiece for any instrument you just have to find one that suits you I have had a messed about with Wicks and Bachs, Kelly and anything else that Andy brought down to band I am currently playing on a Bach 18 and have done for sometime cause it feels the most comfortable to play on but i dont think it does you any harm to change ever now and then but it can be an expensive hobby buying mouthpieces the plastic ones are ok and a bit cheaper but there not to every ones taste.



  6. BbBill

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    Am on a Perrantucci PT88+, after shifting from a VB7 a while ago, it does the job for me, lots of power, good sound (at times! ;) ), found it lots more comfy than the VB straight away and its fine and good at de low stuff!

    Everybodys taste is different, you wont know until you've tried a few out, and found the one thats right for you. I just fancied a change to the VB7, and then the PT88+, to see if they were any better!

    There's plenty of threads about mouthpieces on here if you do a search.

    I found Andy Cat's mouthpiece comparrison guide pretty helpful here.

    PS, Andy, just seen these Curry mouthpieces on your chart, do they help give a more farty noise?!!!!!! :biggrin: :rolleyes:
  7. brassneck

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    There are loads of mouthpieces to consider for the instrument but I would look at the impact of change in your section with regards to sound and balance. Try getting a hold of the King range of mouthpieces for an alternative. Although they are hard to find, they are compatible with players playing Wicks or Bachs. The King 18 has similar characteristics to the Wick range except for these details: the cup depth is between the DW1L and DW2L but the throat is very close to the DW2L. Rim size is like the DW3L but more curved on outer rim. Inner rims have the same bite. Now the King 24AW is even more interesting as it has the same cup/throat dimensions as the DW1L but the rim is bigger than the DW3L. Both mouthpieces are good for both pedal and upper ranges and they are cheap if you can find them.
  8. persins

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    I never knew there were so many different variations of buckets!!;)

    I think that the same applies to basses as with anything else. You have to try a few and find one that you get on with. You might find that what works for loads of other people, may not suit you.
    It certainly doesn't hurt to try as many as you can on the way to then make a more informed choice.

    Happy hunting!!
  9. Colin.Doran

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    My god Andy i knew you liked your mouthpieces but isn't that guide bordering on over the top please tell me you havent cataloged them all surely you have download some of that data


    :guiness :guiness:guiness:guiness:guiness:guiness:guiness:guiness:guiness