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Discussion in 'Brass Band Aid - news & discussion' started by Bob Thompson, Oct 18, 2005.

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    North Pennines. Weardale
    Hello tMP'ers

    We have introduced a new page to the BBA website, 'Supporters of the Week'.
    We are providing this page for supporters of BBA.

    The page is not based upon how much you raise etc. it is more a case of BBA giving something back and saying thank you for the support.

    The page is dedicated to your band, company, organization or individuals.
    BBA will let you know when you are Supporter of the Week, you send us the information you wish to be posted and it will be placed on the site within 24 hrs of receipt.

    The site has had over 76 thousand hits in the last 10 weeks, so you are likely to get lots of exposure.
    If you have any ideas for raising BBA awareness, either via the website or some crazy idea to raise funds, let us know, or even better, let us know after the event and we will post it. Please keep it legal though!
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