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    Once again the celebrity band are coming together, over a year since the initial formation for the original BBA CD recording.
    Having contacted the players they are really excited about perfoming together live in concert. The event will be something rather special and take place at Butlins Skegness as part of what used to be known as the Mineworers contest.
    With Richard Evans wagging the stick you can expect a fabulous evening of entertainment and superb playing from the very best players in the world.

    Just to wet your lips, here are some of the players taking part:
    Cornets, Roger Webster= Grimethorpe, Richard Marshall-Black Dyke, Mark Wilkinson- Fodens, Ian Porthouse- free lance, Russel Gray- free lance,Ian Shires-Grimethorpe, Glyn Williams-Fodens, Brendan Wheelan-Leyland, Katrina Marzella-Fairey band, Jim Thompson-Reg Vardy, Bob Stephenson-Reg Vardy, Sarah Burns-Reg Vardy, Steve Sykes-free lance, Leslie Howie-Leyland, Nick Hudson-freelance, Alan Fernie-free lance, Douglas Yeo-Boston Symphony Orchestra, And the list goes on, I will fill in the blanks soon!

    With the amazing support of Steve Walker, Butlins, we are able to present a series of events which will involve members of the celebrity band including the BIG BLOW, where you will have the opportunity to join them in your section, whilst setting the world record for the largest Brass Band in the World.

    The concert will take place at Butlins Skegness friday evening, 19.01.07 at approx 9.00pm.
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