Bb Solo - Macushla

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  1. Is there a band out there that has the Bb Solo Macushla in their library and no longer use it, if so would you be prepared to sell it (at a reasonable price of course) or if not lend it us and we would pay the postage.
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    Bb Solo - Macushla
    Bb Solo Macushla
    Bb Solo - Macushla
    reasonable price of course
  3. Andrew Norman

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  4. Bb Solo Macushla

    I've tried Studio Music but only a March Card set is offered it doesn't say if it is the solo version or just band version but I will give them a ring. Thanks Andrew!
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    It's also available from Just Music And if you follow the link you can take a look at the solo cornet part on a pdf. Doesn't appear to be march size (although the picture of the cover does say 'March size' :-?

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