Bb/Eb Bass duet--- Radiant pathway??

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by ivorbiginstrument, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. ivorbiginstrument

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    Need the help of all you S.A. Bandsmen out there.
    There was in the festival series a Bb/Eb Bass duet printed in the 1980's.
    I think it was Radiant Pathway but am not sure???
    Can someone furnish me with details as i'd like to get my hands on a set of parts and score for this.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Active Member

    Leslie Condon (composer of "Call of the Righteous") wrote "Radiant Pathway", a duet for Eb and Bb bass, in the late 1960's, although I don't know when it was published (it sometimes takes a long time between an SA piece being written and 1st performed and being published). Leslie Condon himself played the Eb bass part when it was first performed at a big SA event at the Royal Albert Hall in 1968.

  3. Gorgie boy

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    'Radiant Pathway' is published in the SA Festival Series (somewhere in the 300's) and will be available through World of Brass (that'll be a tenner Carl please!).

    Incidentally, there are various combinations that can be used to play this piece, as it is available as an Eb bass duet, a duet for Eb and Bb Bass and as an Eb Bass solo.

    For what it's worth, for me it makes more sense as a duet, particularly towards the end where there are answering phrases. When you play it as a solo, it's a bit like talking to yourself.............

    For the record, the piece was originally written as a duet for Eb and Bb, the Eb part being taken by Les and the Bb part being played by Major George Whittingham, now the conductor of the South London Fellowship Band.

    Paul Drury
  4. Active Member

    Thanks for that, Paul.
    Radiant Pathway is not yet on the World of Brass website (it's on my list of pieces that I need to add) but is available from our Mail Order department on 020 7367 6580 priced £24.95 for a band set including full score.
  5. PeterBale

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    We had it in our repertoire a couple of years back, and it's certainly worth looking at, providing the BBb player is comfortable above the stave - can't recall if it's a D or Db off hand, but it's comfortably under the finger!
  6. ivorbiginstrument

    ivorbiginstrument New Member

    Any chance of having a set on the trade stand on saturday at the finals and i'll buy them from u there??
  7. John Brooks

    John Brooks Well-Known Member

    Radiant Pathway was recorded in Australia by Les Condon and George Whittingham during the ISB tour of 1968. The LP was only available in Australia and I used to have it; one of those that got away much to my chagrin now.
  8. Active Member

    It will be ready and waiting for you at our main trade stand in the glass foyer at door 6.
  9. DublinBass

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    Would it work for Eb Bass and Euphonium?

    Are there any good duets written for Eb Bass and euphonium?
  10. Active Member

    The notes in the score indicate that several permutations of soloists' parts are possible as follows;
    1) Duet for Eb & Bb Basses
    2) Duet for 2 x Eb Basses
    3) Duet for Euphonium & Eb Bass
    4) Duet for Euphonium & Bb Bass
    5) Solo for Eb Bass

    Each band set will include all solo parts as above.
    Would you like me to bring a second set on Saturday?
  11. DublinBass

    DublinBass Supporting Member

    Yeah, I'd like to take a look at it.
  12. ivorbiginstrument

    ivorbiginstrument New Member

    Do i get a discount now on my purchase as i seem to be generating intrest from other parties?? Don't panic only kidding!!