Bb cornet slow melody suggestionss

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Cymraes, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Cymraes

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    Each time I have entered slow melody contests pretty much everyone is playing Softly Awakes My Heart, Nightingale, My love is like a red red rose and so on, does anyone have any suggestions for slow melodies that are gorgeous but not the typical ones you would hear in a contest?
  2. squirrel

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  3. squirrel

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    Not sure if there's a piano accomp for it though :/
  4. Tom-King

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    John Golland's "Ballade" has always been a particular favourite of mine (and you can get band and piano accompaniment).

    It's not easy, especially under pressure, but played well it's gorgeous
  5. kaderschaufel

    kaderschaufel New Member

    why not try something classical?

    The Swan from the Carnival of Animals (Saint-Saens)
    Salut d'Amour (Elgar)
    Träumerei (Schumann)
    Ständchen from Schwanengesang (Schubert)

    or slower movements from baroque sonatas, like 1st Vivaldi or 8th Corelli
  6. Mello

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    Nothing much wrong with any that have been mentioned, but the Old Pieces with words used to be successful not just for results but to learn how to play the words . Angus Mcdonald . Star of Bethlehem. Liddels Abide with Me , Lost Chord are a few that spring to mind. Before you say they are neither challenging or good enough ....I am presently teaching a principal player how to play Liddels Abide With Me. We have spent hours on it and he was amazed how difficult it is , trying to interpret the words. The intonation , warmth and breadth of sound throughout its range , The phrasing , breath control etc etc etc are really a challenge for a good , experienced professional player , and he is REALLY enjoying the improvement and the art of making music from a bunch of easy looking notes. Worth trying .
  7. julian

    julian Active Member

    So agree with Mello on this. For anyone wanting to build on the areas that he is highlighting, I would recommend getting hold of a Salvation Army hymn book for the words and a copy of the 1st cornet tune book and just spend plenty of time learning to put them together - properly!
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  8. Mesmerist

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    Commission one from your local music college? It would be original and tailored to your own strengths.
  9. Mello

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    The reason I suggested ballads with words is simply to learn tell art of phrasing and shaping by portrayal of meaningful words thru playing .

    There are many glorious melodies out there of course Thais..The Swan etc and by listening to these type of pieces played by the can learn much..But I still believe the traditional ballads are the easiest and dare I say best way of learning the basis of the art of portrayal and subsequently interpretation. It certainly does no harm anyway.
    Just my opinion.
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