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Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by stotty74, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. stotty74

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    I'm looking to start playing semi-regularly again after a break of about 8 months. Was 2nd man at Northop Silver (Champ Section) in North Wales for about 8 years, but due to my busy schedule i left in December.

    Would like to get back into playing on a fairly regular basis, but as i conduct Greenalls Band they are my top priority, but would like somewhere to get my lip back in. I'm not looking for anything too demanding, so a good 2nd Section/1st Section band would be great, preferably back row, but i should be fine wherever.

    If someone knows of a band that would like a semi-committed player(!!) please let me know :)


  2. Perc-guy

    Perc-guy Member

    just come n play top man with us karl!!
  3. paulspud

    paulspud Member

    Hi Karl,

    Have sent you a PM.


  4. Mofman

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    Poynton are looking for a front and back row player
  5. MrsDoyle

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    Hi Karl,

    Have answered your other post in Deputy Database... we do desperately need solo cornet players and would be overjoyed to welcome you.

    We are very near Northop.
    I have sent a PM. [Gwernaffield Silver Band]
  6. Just Crazy

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    Hi Karl

    Haydock are looking for Front row and back cornets, We are based in Haydock/Blackbrook, just off the east lancs, We rehearse Mon and Thurs 8 - 10 and alot of us go for a drink afterward in the bar at out band room.

    We are a very friendly band and are looking for some cornets to compete the band, PM me for some more details

  7. euph-man

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    hello Karl

    Co-op 2000 brass are a good 2nd section band and front row cornet would be available and understand that Greenhalls would be your priority. Please let me know if you are interested

  8. coldrum

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    Frodsham Silver Band?

    Hi Karl,

    Just in case you're still looking for a band, you could try Frodsham Silver Band.

    It's not the 2nd section band you wanted, but if you want to get your lip back in, a position on the front row might be ideal. It's a really friendly 4th section band, with players of all ages (8 to 80!) & abilities. More a concert band than contesting (but do the whit marches at Saddleworth), with the accent on entertaining & playing a wide variety of music, including more challenging pieces.

    Rehearsals are Monday & Tuesday evening, and are enjoyable, non pressurised evenings.

    If you need any more info, PM me, or have a look at the band website:
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  9. Mofman

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    The Marple Band are looking for a good standard front row player. If you or any one else is interested?

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