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  1. blueandwhiteforever

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    I've recently downsized my brass playing from Bb Bass to Euph and things aren't going too badly. I am really struggling with high notes though. I seem to have sorted the pitching difficulties and I'm sure it'll become more in tune with time and (that swear word) practice. I used the biggest possible mouthpiece on tuba, would anyone recommend a certain type to play euph?
  2. Jan H

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    I moved this thread. Maybe it will get more response in here...
  3. marksmith

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    I use the Dennis Wick 4AL, though the 3AL suits some players.
    The range will come and surprisingly, perfecting the pedal register will help.
    The 'Wick' is good for super F/G with practice, without too much distress.
    You can go as small as a 6 but I would not recommend this for your own situation.
    Just personal experience, I hope that it helps.
  4. blueandwhiteforever

    blueandwhiteforever New Member

    Thank you. I'll take that advice on board. The pedal notes aren't too much of a problem at the moment, must be the bass playing, but it's good to hear that continuing to practice them will help throughout the range.
  5. tenortuba

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    If your doubling then take a look at the "tromboning" thread, but if the change to euph is permanent and you are using one of the "normal" mp's described above then the answer is just time patience and hard work while you change from your tuba-chops. You should be moving enough air to support high range if you have moved from bass.
  6. bobbyp

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    When i played on one of my friends Euphs i used my BBb mouthpiece (G&W Bayamo), and that got the high notes for me!
  7. wittig

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    How high are high notes? Most (sensible) concert repertoire can be played without having to go above a top C. I use a Denis Wick SM4, but I think this is very similar to a 4AL having played on one of them also.

    I would get a practice mute and really get it to make that ringing noise in the upper register (f or ff dynamic - probably just mf for an ex-tuba player!). The back pressure from the mute I generally find helps support most notes so you might not need to press as hard (it also makes pitching slightly trickier in my experience too so don't over use the mute)