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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by satchmo shaz, Dec 27, 2005.

  1. satchmo shaz

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    Hi experts, I have a trombone player who MAY have a go on Bb bass if we dont get one soon............ hint , hint........... :icon_rolleyes: so what mouthpieces are best and which plastic ones are the best, that way it isnt going to cost me a fortune if he changes his mind or needs to try a different mouthpeice,
    we have a kelly 25 at the moment which seems better than a wick 1L
    Over to you

    cheers Shaz x
  2. brassneck

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    - be prepared to spend a fortune then on all the various permutations ... :icon_smile:
  3. BbBill

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    Theres been about 2 threads in the last month about tuba mouthpieces, and lots more previous to that, do a search for some info!!

    Its a Wick 1L that gets supplied with the Sovs, so theres a start straight away with the bog standard one, its good enough, especially if he's not sure whether he's going to stick it! But as everybody will say on here, find one that suits yourself and your playing, theres no right or wrong mouthpiece!
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  5. BBb@riddings

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    I use a Wick 2L very good mouthpiece just had a new one for xmas

  6. the fish

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    The plastic mouth piece will be easier to produce notes on and will be an easier starting point, but in my opinion do not give a great sound.

    I agree with Bb Bill stick with what you've got, if the player wishes to stay with the bass then experiment further, and try as many as you can before buying as it get get very expensive!
  7. derekdawson

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    I am going to have a look at Wick 2l, the 1l seems a bit narrow on the cushion to me,it was the Kosykup and lump it in my day, but they were adequate, as for the plastic ones, I think they are like blowing on a plant pot, but they can come in handy can't they Jim? ( Ransomes)
  8. For Bb Bass you just can't go wrong with a Wick 1L. Not to secure up top but great for pedals. Plenty of practise will have you playing across three octaves with ease.

    I also have a plastic Kelly mouthpiece it's the same as a Bach 18, as Julian said not the best sound but great for carolling outside because it doesn't get cold. I guess you have time to get one before your next carolling job though.

    2L is ok for Bb as well but not as strong down real low. I have tried lots of mouthpieces but always gone back to the 1L if you stick with it you can make it great. Our principal Eb player plays on a 2L, he says it has more freedom in when soloing.
  9. Steve

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    It depends what you expect from this player on Bb bass. Do you already have one that can manage the super loud stuff and any pedaling that may be required? If so then I guess you merely need someone to make a bit of extra noise until they have settled into the phsical demands of the instrument.

    Also, do you have an Eb player that could make the move instead as moving from middle brass to Eb is a lot easier IMHO. When playing Eb bass I have a Wick 5AL that takes little or no adjustment so maybe its worth them trying that. It is slightly restrictive in that the lower register takes a lot of embouchure adjustment and playing loud is physically harder but it works well.

    On Bb I would recommend not sticking them straight on to a 'real' mouthpiece as it will take a lot of effort and could be a very unthankful and demoralising task for a few weeks, Im guessing a 5 would be extremely difficult on the big beast so maybe start them off on a Wick 2AL / 3AL. Unfortunately I dont know other brands too well on bass so these are more just size recommendations than anything else.

    Hope that is of some help
  10. Crabby

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    Spot on.
  11. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    thanks guys for all your help
    I expect the new Bb player to be supberb in a couple of weeks.................... its my old man who has volunteered!!:icon_biggrin:
  12. satchmo shaz

    satchmo shaz Active Member

    well we had our first rehearsal last night and he was good!
    he is playing on a Bach 24 and it seems ok
  13. Tack7

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    I use a Wick 1XL, old shape. Quite recently we got a new set of basses & there were new shape Wick mouthpieces provided with them. They are more like the shape of a Bach now. But having tried the new 1XL it seemed harsher than the old version. As far as Kelly's go, theyre not bad for home practice & maybe as a cheap spare but when you try to give more power they seem to pack in. So to have a wider dynamic range metal is always better than plastic.
    Tell him to keep going on the Bb!!

    Simon Bb B&R

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