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  1. hi (im back on the net yey) i moved on to Bb bass from euph afew months ago and ive got a brand new courtois and i am using there mouthpiece, would anyone recomend another mouthpiece or is this perfect 1? please help bass is a new thin to me.

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    Wellcome..... to the demanding world of the BBb player.

    I've been playing Bb for around 30 years and I think you have to be pretty mad to do it. I used to use a Vincent Bach which has a lovely comfortable rim (if you pardon the expression!) however I'm currently playing on a Dennis Wick 1L which isn't too bad, their rims arent as sharp as they used to be.

    Since you've only recently come off Euph I wouldn't get the biggest mouthpiece in the range until you've developed your own affinity with the beast. But really you should try as many as you can till you find something you are comfotable with and progress onto larger cups in order to expand your lower register (fnar - fnar).

    Whatever you do have fun at the back of the Band room...........I do!
  3. thanxs im gona try afew after ive got preston contest and the areas out of the way (disided to move off euph wen they started looking at trittico and partita)
  4. Brassb3ll3nd

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    Good luck........... you'll either love it [​IMG] or loathe it. [​IMG]
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    You'll see the light and realise that euph's the best section in the band :D
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    Well, welcome to the real world!

    Some good all round very common mouthpieces are the Bach 24AW or 18, Wick 1L, Schilke Helleberg. Any of these are a good starter. The Helleberg (a copy of a Conn) mouthpiece is the most commonly used in the world apparently!
    The best way to try the common ones is to get the Kelly (plastic versions) of them. They do an 18, 24AW and Helleberg, all around £15 each as opposed to £70 for a metal one. If you like one of these, then you can try the real one!

    I play a Mike Finn 3, but they're a bit too big and "clumsy" if you've just come off euph. If you really want to see the range and sizes available, see a Mouthpiece Size Comparison chart at my website. . It's on the second page!

    I have a Mike Finn 1, a Denis Wick 3L, a Bach 12, a KellyBerg and a Kelly 24AW doing nothing if your desperate to try some.
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    ^^^^Was just going to recomend your site Andy Cat, but you beat me to it!!
    PS the chart is very helpful!!!

    Im just after getting a Perantucci 88+ from Trevada Music, am really happy with it, was playing on a VB7 and before that the 1L. Have a look at Mr Tubas website, hes got alot of info on Perantucci.

    And heres some previous threads on the subject!!

    PHEW! that was alot of work coming up with that info, Im just waiting on hearing the word BOC mentioned ....! :rolleyes:
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    I play a Courtois and use a Wick 1L.

    If I'm on song, I can play the full range of notes (and then some) and my tone is good.

    I've tried various other ones, including a Kelly. Most are OK, but for me personally, the Wick is the best. (The Kelly is fab for outdoor carolling but I found it no good for pedals.)

    It is worth saying that when this topic cropped up for Eb basses, I said I use a 1L and was somewhat lampooned for my statement. I am as a minimum a proficient Eb Bass player, and the Wick 1L suits me.

    I guess my point is that you may need to try a lot of mouthpieces before you find one you're totally happy with. What works for me might not work for you. If you've a friendly band supplier, take your bass along and spend several hours trying mouthpieces out. That was how I settled on the Wick 1L.

    Good luck!
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    Bb BOC! Bb BOC! Bb BOC! Bb BOC!!!

    A new breed is born! :biggrin:
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    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: aye, good one Will!!!

    I use the big Perantucci on EEb as well and havent any problems with it up high and it has even better sound down low!! :D
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    I have played on a perantucci mouthpiece ( PT36) since 2002 , wouldnt change it for anything now.
  12. paddo

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    Played on a perrantucci pt50 for about 4 years then moved on to pt88+ for last years area peice (tristan) big, deep, wide......oh what pedles!

    thats what it's for isn't it?
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    Go with the one in the box, if you like it and it can produce the notes that you require all well and good. If you cannot, then consider which end of the range is most affected. Upper register I would suggest stamina training, lower register get out and drink beer and eat curries, if you can't get the notes you can always fart or burp them instead.

    Personally I play on a Wick 1L and can interchange between EEb and BBb on a regular basis using the same mouthpiece. It can produce all notes down to Double Pedal C# on the EEb and Double Pedal F#? on the BBb ( Not saying anything about the quality, just that I can LOL). upwards I have no problems in getting up to C above top C on the B and G above top C on the E. As stated it's up to you, find one and stick with it, when you feel comfortable.
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    IS that why you couldn't believe it when I played the Double Pedal C# at home LOLOLOLOLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  15. Will the Sec

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    The "then some" refers to the register above the norm, not below it.

    Pedal C# isn't in the normal range of notes anyway.

    The 'surprise' was that you were using the fourth valve without it then sticking for the next 160 or so bars.
  16. the fish

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    I would suggest a smaller mouthpiece as you've just come off Euph. This will help avoid mispitching, pearshaped notes, tuning probelams and generally wallowing about that a larger mouthpiece may cause with the drop of an octave.

    If your band has a supply of spare mouthpiece's then try as many as possible. Vincent Bach 24AW & 18 or Dennis Wick 2L or 3L are fairly widley available and solid mouthpiece's, the added bonus is it won't cost you anything!

    Best of luck down in the"bass"ment!
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    That's because it was my instrument and not yours :shock:

    Oh yeah it was double pedal C# :rolleyes:
  18. mi range is like peddle b to top e above top c but its just pitchin and articulatin also tying to play smothly. any advice? think im gona stick with my origanal mouthpiece.