Bb bass megatone mouthpieces

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Neillyboy, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. Neillyboy

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    Under mutual aggreement the other night I left the band I was playing in (Irvine and Dreghorn) and have moved to Johnstone silver band.

    Johnstone are a good first section band with a lot of potential but as I play Bb bass I'm looking at building a huge bottom end sound within the team. I have my eye on a Vincent bach megatone mouthpiece but really not sure what size is best. Can a couple of players give me the chat about them please? Like size they use and what results they have had?

  2. Ianroberts

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    why weren't you looking at "building that huge bottom end sound" with your previous band ? And why do you feel it nessesary to mention leaving your old band ? something smells here !
  3. Neillyboy

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    I already have a huge bottom sound but I'm greedy and want it bigger and fatter. That's why I'm asking about megatone mouthpieces.
  4. Bach 18 is a good megatone!

    i'd personally reccomend a Bruno Tilz WH-B2. a powerhouse of a mouthpiece! but not so massive you dont have control. great on pedal register. Have a look on thomann!
  5. Ianroberts

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    so why did your previous band dispense with your services ?

    smiley face, heart you !
  6. pbirch

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    so, for that matter, is the 24AW megatone, but do not be lulled into thinking that big mouthpieces are necessarily the answer to the issue you are trying to solve, it might just make it sound bigger, fatter and ugly to boot.
  7. julian

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    Hmm. I thought Bb basses were just supposed to sit in the corner making soft, low groaning noises.
  8. iffytboner

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    Nooo, thats the conductor!! (after the pub)
  9. julian

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    Do you mean, the conductor, after the pub, after having had to listen to the Bb basses for a whole rehersal, that seemed to last a lifetime?
  10. julian

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    I've just found a new website for Bb bass megatone mouthpieces - I'ts called 'Plumbase' - you'll find them in the bathroom fittings section. There's also a handy adaptor piece - It's called a U-bend.


    I’d have a look at Mick Finn Mouthpieces. I played a no 2 or 3 (can’t quite remember) when I played BBb bass. They are a little pricey, but well worth it. Unfortunately I sold it a couple of years ago as I am back on Bass trombone.
  12. AndyCat

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    Yes, try an MF3 if you can.