Bauhaus-Walstein Cornet Case; GOOD PRICE!

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by TrumpetTom, Jan 17, 2011.

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    Hi guys, this christmas I recieved a brand new Bauhaus-Walstein cornet case from my parents. On the website which it was bought from, it states it will hold all Bb cornets they've tried so far, but my Courtois Chambord II seems to be too bulky so the lid doesn't close.

    I am offering this cornet case at a low price - £47 (the price of which it was bought for, minus VAT at 17.5% and shipping, rounded to the nearest £). Payment can be made by cash or cheque and the case can either be collected (Holmfirth) or posted (at additional cost).

    This is a great deal on a very nearly literally brand new cornet case.

    This is a link to a webpage from the site where the case was bought from. It is the first item on the page:

    Any enquiries can can either be made by PM or e-mail: my address is

    Thomas Brown
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    This case is still on offer; a really good deal.
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    Anyone? It aint nicked yano! I can prove it.
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    Sorry, I shouldve wrote this a few weeks back but the case has now been sold :)

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