Battle Town Band, L&SC, 3rd Section, Vacancies

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    Edit: for current vacancies and contact details please see most recent posts
    Battle Town Band are a friendly bunch with an ambitious (and good looking) conductor.

    – some say that you can tell the difference between beats one and two….others haven’t looked.

    The band is nationally graded a 4th section band and locally graded 2nd section (SCABA).

    BTB welcomes all players to join our social and progressive band.

    Battle Town Band
    There is also a battle Town Band ‘Group’ on
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  2. Lully

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    whos the new conductor then jon?!
  3. jp_euph

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    Nice to see the renowned Battle sense of humour still abounds!
  5. jp_euph

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    Sense of humour, yes…

    They are a great bunch…and we have a full band for the area...

    In September though, there will be a few gaps created by pupils moving away to university/music college.

    It would be great to fill these positions before the ‘gaps’ appear.

    Baritone and tenor horn players mainly ….but a band can never have enough Bass players.. :)
  6. Aidan

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    Reccomend anyone in the area to take a look, great set of people.
  7. jp_euph

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    Friday eve rehearsals

    7:30 - 9:30...then to the pub, or curry house!
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    My band plays on a Friday evening as well, unfortunately, but from the Brighton & Hove area, just a wee bit too far perhaps!?!?!?
  9. jp_euph

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    BTB currently have vacancies for:

    • 2nd Horn
    • 2nd Baritone (gap from September)
    • 2nd Bb Bass
  10. jp_euph

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    BTB now need a Good Eb bass player
  11. jp_euph

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    BTB now have a fabulous extensive horn section!

    Thank you :)

    Now….Anyone for a Bass or a Baritone chair?

    (rehearsals back to 7:00 - 9:30)
  12. Digger

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    Battle Town Band, L&SC 4th Section

    Battle Town Band, London & Southern Counties 4th Section Champions 2009 are looking for:

    - 2nd Bb Bass
    - 1st Horn (current player leaving for Uni in Sept)
    - 2nd Perc

    to bolster the ranks. We have a busy (but not stupidly so) summer programme leading up to Harrogate in Sept.

    Rehearsals are on Fridays from 7 till 9.30pm, at Claverham Community College, North Trade Road, Battle.

    Any other players also welcome. PM me for more details.

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  13. Digger

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    Horn position filled until after Harrogate, but we still require Bb Bass and Perc.

    Rehearsals are on Fridays from 7 till 9.30pm, at Claverham Community College, North Trade Road, Battle.

    Any other players also welcome. PM me for more details.
  14. Digger

    Digger Member

    A year on and a second win at the areas, we are now looking to fill the following positions prior to our promotion to the 3rd section:

    1st Horn
    Bass (Eb or Bb current players are flexible)
    Back-row cornet (again position flexible)

    PM me if you require any further information.
  15. jp_euph

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  16. Daisy Duck

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    Still looking for bass players in particular!

    Battle is 15 minutes from Hastings, 30 minutes from Eastbourne, 40 minutes from Tunbridge Wells.

    We have some great concerts and events to play at over the summer, including a few concerts on Eastbourne Bandstand. We'll also be playing at Brighton Pavilion, Deal Bandstand and Westminster Abbey as well as a few more local, informal gigs.

    We are a very social band - we particularly enjoy going out for curries. But we've also got a camping trip planned, a band barbecue, an outing to Go Ape etc. We've been on theatre trips, bowling etc as well.

    We rehearse at Claverham Community College on North Trade Road in Battle, on Fridays from 7:00 - 9:30pm under the baton of our very enthusiastic MD, Jon Penton, who has led us victory in the 4th section of the LSC area in 2009 and 2010 as well as 4th place in the 3rd section in 2011. We are ambitious, hardworking and love to have fun playing music together.