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  1. sale

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    im looking for good, decent bass instruments that wont cost a bomb! does anyone have any suggestions, we need 4 new ones! is therea band that wants to sell their bass instrument that is still in working order?

    many thanks

    matt sale
  2. jamieow

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    try Wayne at or
    County music supplies in Shrewsbury.
    07811320062 or 01743361616.
    They've recently started selling Robertson EEb basses at around 2.5k.
    Try him.
  3. Tredegarboy

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    Try Mr. Tuba. The largest stockist of Tubas in the UK. Has a large stock of new and used models.
  4. Thirteen Ball

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    Knows his stuff as well. Chap who runs it is called Mark Carter I beleive.

    Legend has it he can even cure the horriffic stuffy fourth valves on sovs!
  5. Belltrouble

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    Your search for basses

    Well known,that!!!

    Also,at germany(look for MTP Instruments) thereĀ“s a nice looking Besson 981 chines made copy available,at the price of approx, 2.1 k pound


    BTW where do all the old ,now by LMI,Besson if they finally manage to get into gear...,York and so on replaced instruments go?

    According to all that advertising for so described beautiful,brand new and made in the old tradition band instruments the market for second hand and so on instruments must be completely flooded,where are they??