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Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by Trum, Jun 8, 2009.

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    Hi guys, Experienced bass trombonist, happy to depp if needed.

    Based in Huddersfield, happy to consider helping anyone if I can get there and am not busy. Experienced Championship Section Bass bone, can also depp on 2nd Trom if needed.

    Send me a pm or if you need me.

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    Bass Trom this Saturday


    Could you help Elland Band out this Saturday 17th October, 7.30pm at Halifax Parish Church in a concert to raise funds for Marie Curie?

    If you are available could you please contact me on 07940 525837.

    Many thanks

    Sam Harrison
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    Thought I'd better refresh this post, its fallen down quite a few pages hehe. Still available as always and happy to receive PM's
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    Just a cheeky bump
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    Need bass trombone for 9th July Durham Gala would need to be in Durham for 9.00 please ring david kendall 07578600812
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    Haven't looked at this in ages, I'm well down the list!
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    There's a reason for that!
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    You mean the passage of time & the 'latest posts first' sorting algorithm of the website of course Christopher