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    Hey all,

    Yamaha YBL612 Bass trombone for sale, details as follows......

    Condition: As new (but not new), couple of minor dents only
    Slide: Excellent
    Key: Bb / F / D / E (interchangable 2nd trigger slides)
    Bell Size: 10"
    Bore: 0.563
    Leadpipes: 3
    Triggers: Double Dependant (both on the thumb, not one underneath like edwards / Bach etc) These are quality
    Reason For Sale: Just got a beautiful vintage Conn Elkhart 72H
    Price: £750 Open to offers though as I now have 3 bass trombones and no beer money!!!!!!!!! Grrr

    I have loads of pictures, pm me, email at or call on 07967 630939

    Thanks muchly