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    A question for any bass trombone players out there - I have a trombone pupil who is just starting to venture into "proper" bass trombone playing - she's a pretty good player already (Grade 5 if that counts for anything) and I'm looking for a study book to help start her off. I have a copy of the Tommy Pederson "elementray" etudes, I was wondering if there were any other recommendations players might have out there?

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    Not sure if it'll help or hinder but I recently put a few free exercises up at
    I can recommend 'The Double Valve Bass Trombone' by Alan Raph. (There's also a few useful YouTube videos by Alan Raph too)
    My biggest issue was(is!) switching to bass clef having only learnt treble clef on tenor.
    Hope this helps.
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  3. Brian Kelly

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    "Ben's Basics" by Ben van Dijk. However, this does assume that you can read bass clef and know the slide positions.
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    The La Fosse Tutor is a good starting point!

    Try E-Bay
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    For a budding bass trombonist of approximately grade 5 standard, I'd use tenor trombone material. If you want to introduce the lower register in what I think is a sensible way, the Pederson book you mention is good, as is the Ostrander Method and the Gillis 70 Progressive Studies
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    Thanks for the replies. She is still playing tenor in school bands etc, it's really just an introduction to playing the lower register stuff with a bit more confidence and getting used to the new range down there. Thanks again,

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    Some excellent books have already been mentioned. I have most of them. I would also throw into the mix Eliezer Aharoni's New Method for the Modern Bass Trombone. I use it alot. It may be a little advanced but there are plenty of studies and exercises to pick and choose from. Its focussed around the use of valve and slide combinations, working down the slide. Well worth the money.
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    There are some excellent studies on It's predominantly a jazz site for tenor trom but it's well worth a look at the "trombone lessons" tab.
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    Another good suggestion is "Mastering the Trombone" by Edward Kleinhammer with assistance from Douglas Yeo.

    I have been played Bass Trombone for more years than I care to mention and found this book invaluable. It brings you back to basics and through to the more advanced side of the instrument.

    It proves a good read and suggests some great exercises, many with a length of hosepipe!!!
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    The Pederson Elementary etudes are great little pieces - great for practising and honing various techniques, but not much of a "method" book. The Aharoni method is very much like muesli - it takes a lot of work (and rumination!) but is ultimately very good for you.

    In terms of general low register stuff (and as a useful introduction to bass clef reading, if one is needed) then Bob Quick's "Practice with the Pros" has an excellent range of warmups and little studies - great for both tenor and bass trombone. The exercises recommended by Ben van Dijk and Peter Gane are particularly good at developing tone and stamina in the lower register, though there are doubtless many others in there I've not yet tried.