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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Martin Cordy, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Martin Cordy

    Martin Cordy Member

    Having moved from Tenor to Bass trombone last year I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction now that i have had the opportunity to settle into the instrument. While i am happy with most of the range, I am looking for someone to correct bad habits and to get all of the range more secure and consistent.

    Is there anyone in Somerset / Devon / Cornwall who would be able to help?!!

    Alternatively, any suggestions from the wider bass trombone population welcome!!
  2. jennyt125

    jennyt125 Member

    Hi Martin,
    Ian Davies is in the Cornwall area and he teaches brass.
    Was playing bass trombone for Lanner Brass Band, and has a beautiful Rath bass trom!
    Cheers, Jenny
  3. matt_BBb_bass

    matt_BBb_bass Member

    Ian is a great guy.. Brilliant trombone player and tuba player. Sat next to him at lanner. Highly Recommend him, always helped me out in the past :)
  4. Kiz7

    Kiz7 Member

    Can't recommend Alan Hutt enough - he lives in Cornwall and teaches at Wells (has recently taught a lad bass trombone who is now on a scholarship at the RAM so definitely knows what he's doing).

    PM me for an email address

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