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    Morning all, just wondered if anyone could give me the name or names of some good study books for Bass Trombone. I do have some study books from when I was on tenor (Remmington, Crees/Gane), but really want to get some new music that I haven't seen before.

    Any ideas greatly appreciated. Cheers.
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    Most of the study books that I've seen that have been aimed at bass trombonists feature much of the same stuff that you've probably already seen, just extended for bass trombone. Having said that, in no particular order:

    Ben's Basics - Ben van Dijk

    A singing approach to bass trombone - Charlie Vernon

    Valve technique for Bass Trombone - Blair Bollinger. This one's subtitled "you've got two valves, use both!". If you listen to his ETW masterclass online at the ETW website you'll get a flavour for this one.

    Paul Faulise - Double valve bass trombone

    Pederson - Advanced etudes

    Alan Raph - Double valve bass trombone

    You might also want to post this on Ben van Dijk's forum or to get some more suggestions.
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