Bass Trombone, out looking again!!!

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by bassboneo, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Hello everyone, following a very succesful Pontins experience!!! I am here looking for another band to go to Butlins with!!!

    I am signed in the second section at the moment so as far as i know i can't play in 3rd or 4th section am afraid!!

    feel free to get in touch,

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    I know that dodworth are looking for a bass trom for pontins if any use? contact them thro thier website if u fancy it.

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    thanks basebonetone, but i hope you mean they are looking for someone fo butlins lol???
  4. basebonetone

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    sorry-you know what i meant! lol
  5. Fancy playing with Littleborough in the North West Areas the test piece is Saint-Seans Variations, a good piece. It's on Sunday March the 14th, no early morning either!
  6. Oh were 4th section...........
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    Am Afraid i will be playing for Morecambe at the Areas.