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    Hi All,

    Firstly to wish you all a merry christmas and a prosperous musical new year.

    I at the moment in Marlow band have the luxury of 6 trombone players all of which are capable Bass trombone players when required.

    Anyone know any arrangements we could perhaps try as a quartet or something?

    Any suggestions welcome


  2. drummerboy

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    There's one by Ray Steadman-Allen called Trombones Vespers. I'm sure WorldofBrass can correct me, but I'm sure it's a trombone quartet feature? Nice one too if I remember rightly!
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    Ray Steadman-Allen (or RSA as he has become known) was a trombone player so it's no surprise that he wrote several trombone features with band accompaniment.
    Trombone Vespers is certainly one of his but he has others to his name like Sparkling Slides, The Mission, Wonders Begin and Peter, James and John.

    Also in Salvation Army repertoire is Glory Be! by William Broughton.
    Robert Redhead wrote Christmas Tidings and Stephen Bulla wrote The Cleansing Power.

    Give me a call if you'd like further information. Some of this music is available on current recordings but for others you may have to make do with my singing down the phone which may, or may not, be of help!
  4. PeterBale

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    There are also two very good double quartets (cornets & trombones) in the SA repertoire: "Never Give Up" (Eric Ball) and "Gone my Care" (Ray Steadman-Allen).

    Also, Steven Bulla has written one or two, including "Peace Like a River" (I believe it's a quintet) which features each player in a quasi-improvised solo.

    I believe he also wrote "The Cleansing Power", recorded on the ISB lp "The Dawning".

    Two more RSA trombone features: "Wonders Begin When the Lord Comes In" and a recent one entitled "Peter, James & John". The latter, based on an old primary chorus, is very straightforward, but always goes down well with audiences.
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    I recall the SA published a trombone quartet by Bruce Broughton (he of many film scores fame) I think was titled "Great Things"--at least that was the tune featured in it. It was the winner in a quartet competition some years ago. No band is required and it's a very good number. WOB: is it still in print?
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    Instrumental Album 28 contains 4 trombone quartets of which Great Things is one.
    No longer in print but available on our photocopying service.
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    There's also a feature for trombone section and band by Robert Redhead, not 100% sure of the title but think it may be The Future Depends On Us. Pretty sure it will have been written for 5 parts.

    I had a cassette tape recording of the Canadian Staff Band playing it live but unfortunately I gave somebody the tape to listen to and never got it back!! Hence not being sure of the title.

    Great number in a laid back blues style.

    Perhaps World of Brass can provide more accurate info on this one - correct title, availability etc..

    Ray Collins
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    Unfortunately not! Never heard of it!
    Sorry to disappoint but I will try to contact Colonel Redhead directly if other enquiries fail.
  9. NAS

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    Ive played a stunning arrangement of Layla for 5 trombones... Would have to check whether the arranger would make it available to other bands. PM me if you want :) .
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    A long time ago when I was one of 4 trombones at Wem, Mr Thorne promised us an arrangement of "That's what friends are for" from the jungle book as a trombone quartet. We're still waiting :x
  11. Roger Thorne

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    So am I :?
    Never heard back from the Publishers. I contacted them loads of times but they never got back to me.

  12. JessopSmythe

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    Sounds like it's time for a tMP flashmob to hit the publishers :D Calling all trombonists, your forum needs you :!:
  13. bagpuss

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    I believe he was going to rename it.......

    Concerto de Chainsaw!!!!

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Since you were one of the 4 trombonists at the time it's quite possible :D
  15. bagpuss

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    Yes but I was the one playing NICELY on top trombone at the time. So it was obviously directed at you other bunch of quackers further down the ranks!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    Right, I've had my top people working on this one overnight and can report as follows!
    This song came from a musical that Robert Redhead wrote, either Chains of Gold or Ruth.
    The trombone version was not published in the UK and is not held on file here either. We believe it was recorded by Robert Merritt but that is as much information as we could find. The Canadian Music Department of The Salvation Army are probably the ones to try next if anyone is that keen to try.
    However, I sense that this thread is going off at a bit of a tangent now.
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    Well done to World of Brass for obtaining the info on this piece! Glad I had the title and composer right. :)

    Pity that it isn't available as a published number or as an authorised copy of the manuscript!

    Even more so because I don't think it was commercially recorded and the private live recording I had has gone AWOL!! :(
  18. Okiedokie of Oz

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    CALA music release arrangements of nearly everything they've recorded in the London Sound series. Layla was the opening track in London Trombone sound, and I believe the arrangement released for that was 8-12 plus rhythm section.

    If that helps
  19. PeterBale

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    From the Cala website:
    Layla, Score & Parts
    CLAPTON/Arranged by Eric Crees
    Conducted By: Geoffrey Simon

    About The Recording: Arranged for 12 or 16 trombones, bass, kit and percussion, you can recoup the cost of purchasing this arrangement by selling the CD at your performance. Contact Cala Records for further information
  20. Okiedokie of Oz

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    y'see Pete, I was going to do that, but I figured I'd be taking all the enjoyment from you :wink: