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    For Sale: Earlham Bass Trombone, 2007

    .562" bore, 10.5" yellow brass bell
    Bb/F/Gb/D, open wrap

    A copy of the old Bach 50B3O (hence the unusual bell size), this is ideal as a starter instrument for a student, or a doubling instrument for players who don't want the expense of a brand-new or 'bespoke' trombone. I've used it as a doubling instrument for the past few years, and have found it blends equally well in orchestral playing as well as band music (both wind and brass bands). The instrument has a big, mellow sound as you'd expect, but when worked hard can produce the right sort of 'edge' if required. The open-wrap valve sections provide for easy production and a free-blowing tone even when plumbing the depths.

    This is a 'cheap and cheerful' instrument, a faithful reproduction of the classic Bach design - owned since new, it has been well looked-after. The slide is in good condition and runs well (responding better to slide creams than liquid lubricants), although the inner slide is starting to show signs of wear. The valves are excellent; ball-and-socket joints in the linkages give a very quiet and smooth response. There are a couple of very tiny dents at the ends of the valve section slides, and some slight creasing in the bell of the instrument - the one drawback of its size is that it is rather vulnerable in the gig-bag. Apart from these cosmetic faults, the instrument remains as new.

    Original RRP £1100; sensible offers welcome.
    Photos available via email on request.
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    What kind of offers are you looking for?
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    A geeky note - I don't think the 50B3O necessarily has a large bell - the equivalent ought to be the 50B3OL.
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    Money, ideally. Around £650 if that doesn't seem unreasonable.
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    Thanks for the clarification - I'd only ever seen large bells on the old Stradivarius models, so had got the impression they made them all like that. I started playing bass trombone on one of those; it was useful to have something that big to hide behind when I'd made a mistake ;)
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