Bass trombone, euphonium, tenor trombone, Eb bass, baritone, BBb bass, horn; Oxford

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    As I can't edit my original post in this category any more, here's a fresh thread.

    Dave Taylor
    01865 717765

    Brass instruments played to a suitable standard in decreasing order of proficiency:
    Bass trombone
    Tenor trombone
    Bass trumpet
    Eb bass
    Alto trombone
    Contrabass trombone
    BBb Bass
    Eb Horn

    I'm happy to dep for any band of any section (and also any other musical group) around here on any of these, though do note that it is much more handy if there is also a spare seat for my girlfriend, who also plays most of the above to a similar standard. No notice required, but our 'free' time does tend to be pretty busy a month or more in advance. We currently play for Kidlington Concert Brass, a championship section band near Oxford on, respectively, bass trombone and euphonium. We have our own transport, and expenses are appreciated, though not entirely necessary. However, gigs that are far away and/or unattractive for other reasons we may ask for a fee for.

    Ensembles I have played for include (in alphabetical order!) -
    (by no means an exhaustive list, these are to give an idea of spread of location and quality)
    Bands: Aldbourne, Chinnor, Hungerford, Jaguar (Coventry), Jubilee Brass, Kidlington, Longridge, Shipston, Sovereign, Swindon Pegasus, University of Warwick, Wantage, Winchcombe
    Orchestras: Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra, Imperial College Symphony Orchestra, Kensington Philharmonic Orchestra, Kensington Symphony Orchestra, Newbury Symphony Orchestra, Oxford Sinfonia, Oxford Symphony Orchestra, Oxford University Orchestra, Oxford University Sinfonietta, Rehearsal Orchestra, Salomon Orchestra, Swindon Symphony Orchestra, University of Warwick Symphony Orchestra
    Small groups: Various quintets, 10tets, trombone quartets, etc. Early music.
  2. MoominDave

    MoominDave Well-Known Member

    I forgot to mention various big bands and wind bands.
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